Where Does The Virtual Assistant Fit in Today’s Business Society?

Where Does The Virtual Assistant Fit in Today’s Business Society?Recently I have been experiencing a great deal of inquiries as to what exactly my company does and how we serve the general consumer. So in response, the following is just a few points on the subject. Thanks in advance for reading.

From personal experience, I am finding that my services are proving to be extremely useful for the small business owner and startup businesses. The way I do business and the structure of my company fits perfectly for those small business owners who need some assistance but are afraid of the physical and monetary encumberences of hiring a permanent employee, (providing office space, equipment, steady hours, etc). The small business owner usually finds themselves in a position where they are experiencing greater activity and bringing in more money but maybe not quite enough to take on a steady employee.

The structure of some businesses makes it impractical for them to have a live office which is another reason why Virtual Assistant’s are increasing in popularity. The Virtual Assistant works from their satellite office taking the burden of providing office space and equipment off the small business owner. Because VA’s (or Business Support Specialists which is my preferred title), work on an as needed basis, clients can be assured they are only paying for the work completed. There is no need for guaranteed hours, (so no worries about wasted employee office hours) or the offering of benefits as Virtual Assisstants work on a subcontractor basis and are responsible for taking care of these items on their own. You would be amazed at the amount of work a Virtual Assistant can conduct in an hour’s time! It definitely goes without saying that you are getting more for your money with a Virtual Assistant than a steady employee in most instances.

These attractive qualities alone are proving to serve the small business owner immensely as they are now free to focus on their income producing activities, all the while knowing there is someone just a click away if they need some instant support or to remind them to follow up on a task. Another hurdle the small business owner faces is organization. Many business owners do not address this issue until they are so overwhelmed and lost they can’t conduct business in a productive manner as they are being pulled in a million different directions. Virtual Assistants can alleviate this stressor by keeping track of databases, calendars, contacts, responding to emails, making online files for easy access, etc.

In addition to the small business owner and startup community, well established businesses are seeing the benefits of utilizing a Virtual Assistant. Writing and editing articles for online publications, social media management, customer relations management are just some of the avenues that the well established professionals can take advantage of in using a Virtual Assistant. By delegating these tasks to an on call administrative assistant, professionals are able to branch out and further their business goals by taking on new projects they have been putting off due to lack of time.

Catie McClure, McClure Virtual Business SolutionsAbout the author: Catie McClure has over 10 years experience in the administrative services industry and is the founder of McClure Virtual Business Solutions – based in Massachusetts. She is the author of 2 blogs: My Virtual Assistant Blogspot which focuses on training and support for new and aspiring VAs as well as the McClure Solutions Blog which is a client-focused blog. You can also find Catie on Facebook.

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