The Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants Versus In-House Employees

The Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants Versus In-House EmployeesAs a business owner, your main goal is to create a successful business, providing a great product or service to satisfied and loyal customers. In the journey towards doing so, it is imperative that you think smartly in the way you spend your money and your time. Deciding on final decisions in these two areas of your business can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety, with the fear of having to change so many things. However, there are ways that you can do so without pulling all of your hair out.

Saving money and time is crucial for every business owner, especially in today’s economy, but actually identifying the problem areas can be a bit daunting for some. So, to help, here are a few ideas.

Some common business expenses; the actual costs of running a business or trade that most business owners have to account for including:

  • employees’ pay
  • retirement plans
  • office supplies
  • insurance
  • taxes

Some common time vampires; processes or people that take time from your business day that most business owners have to account for including:

  • meetings
  • administrative mountains on your desk
  • call-backs
  • e-mails
  • invoices
  • and much more

To decrease or eliminate the majority of those expenses and time vampires, a lot of entrepreneurs are now joining the Virtual Assistant movement to save both time and money, while growing a more profitable business.

Check out the three top reasons as to why you should consider partnering with a Virtual Assistant as opposed to hiring new or more In-House employees.

Lower costs.
When hiring In-House employees, expenses can increase drastically depending on the size of your team and the benefits that you decide to make available to them. However, when you partner with a Virtual Assistant, there’s no sense in worrying about equipment costs, employee taxes or any other employee-related expense. If you want to create more time for productivity and grow your business — while not breaking the bank — then partnering with a virtual assistant is the best solution, especially in this current economic state.

Spend more time growing your business, instead of micromanaging your staff.
Virtual Assistants understand, respect and appreciate your position — they’re business owners, too! They must be just as proactive, productive and professional as you. Great Virtual Assistants look for more ways to assist you, even on their down time, as they are aware that it takes a lot to run a business, especially a successful one. So, if you’re looking to become more focused, consider working with a team or an assistant that can not only relate, but will be especially considerate of, the needs of your business’ time and budget.

Stay informed with updates hot off the press.
Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, your Virtual Assistant will definitely be! Hence the obvious clue — virtual. That being said, with the help of a Virtual Assistant, you will always be in the loop about the newest and most efficient technology, business practices and neatest tools to help you stay proactive, productive, professional, and organized. Get up to speed on the newest in your industry with the help of a Virtual Assistant.

If business is overwhelming you mentally, financially or even physically, then you should seriously consider partnering with a Virtual Assistant. You’re only one step away from making this year truly yours.

Long Distance AssistantsAbout the author: Long Distance Assistants contributes 15 years of combined skills including administrative, web design and maintenance, concierge, time and money management, as well as our strong belief in team synergy, to help you succeed for many years to come. We specialize in catering to the ‘busy’ entrepreneur in need of administrative support, website services, time management, client and vendor relations, and concierge tasks.

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Beed Virtual Assistants - 6 years ago

Super article, I have covered many of these points in my own blogs. The business industry in general, not just smaller companies are beginning to see the advantages in hiring a Virtual Assistant saving on staff costs, but more importantly, lessening the impact of precious time and timecales


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