Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Accomplish in One Hour

Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

Imagine how many more clients you could connect with, how many more billable hours you could clock, or how great it would feel to have more time for your family, friends and for yourself!

With a virtual assistant handling the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with running and growing your business, you’ll find that you have more hours in the day, and more time to do the things you really want to be doing. The following list details just some of the things a professional virtual assistant could handle for you, in just one hour:

1. Call 25-30 prospective clients.
2. Mail merge 50-100 letters including stuffing and mailing.
3. Create and schedule an email marketing campaign.
4. Data Entry of a minimum of 75 contacts in an Excel spreadsheet.
5. Manage customer service correspondence.
6. Proof and edit a five to six page white paper.
7. Create a PowerPoint presentation.
8. Create a signup process on your website for an ezine or newsletter subscription.
9. Balance your business bank statement for the month.
10. Research travel, hotel and meeting facilities for an upcoming holiday or convention.
11. Provide personal or group training via webinar for a specific software or service.
12. Update web site content to be more search engine friendly.
13. Manage article and press release submissions.
14. Transcribe thirty minutes of audio from a conference, meeting, speech or similar.
15. Gather and organize research for a specific project.
16. Type handwritten notes from a seminar or meeting.
17. Utilize client’s content to create a basic sales page with PayPal.
18. Create a header graphic for website/blog.
19. Set up a Facebook page for the client’s business.
20. Manage a client’s Facebook business page (sending invites, interacting with users/comments, adding recent images, etc.)
21. Do follow-up research on a client, prospect, applicant, or competitor.
22. Manage incoming emails: delete spam; sort, answer, or redirect important emails.
23. Create a custom spreadsheet.
24. Organize files, label them appropriately, and mail them back.
25. Make confirmation calls regarding your appointments, engagements, or reservations.
26. Open and sort mail one week’s worth of mail.
27. Stuff, seal, label, and stamp a bulk mailing.
28. Write, format and post a detailed, relevant blog entry with image.
29. Collate and label personalized packets for your seminar or presentation.
30. Build at least 30 SEO-friendly links back to your website or blog.
31. Monitor and forward info from multiple sources of client industry news headlines, blog posts, and forum discussions.
31. Create and/or analyze and update Google Adwords campaigns.
32. Setup and/or analyze Google Analytics and relative conversion reports.
33. Add a press page to the company website.
34. Select and schedule 15 individual handwritten greeting or thank you cards for delivery to clients, colleagues, etc.
35. Edit and prep for download a 30-60 minute audio file using Audacity or similar.
36. Update shopping cart with new product images and information.
37. Create a customized, detailed Google business listing with images.
38. Manage the company Twitter account (providing Tweets, responding to @s, following/unfollowing per the company policy)
39. Create a draft of a company white paper out of last year’s relevant blog posts.
40. Scheduling a week’s worth of Tweets.
41. Planning two week’s worth of blog topics.

This is just a sampling of what a virtual assistant can do for you and your small business. The list is truly endless…

A professional virtual assistant can handle any of these tasks in one hour – freeing you up to focus on more important business tasks and enjoy more personal time.

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Tami Anderson - 10 years ago

Mail merge 50-100 letters including stuffing in an hour? This is so misleading, and not true! Maybe if your not proofreading! I disagree with many of these!

    Virtual Assistant Information - 10 years ago

    Hi Tami, thanks for your comment. It seems you’ve misinterpreted the list, or at least the item you’ve chosen to point out.

    Most of the projects on this list, including the one you point out, can be found on a parent list that was contributed to/created by active, operating virtual assistants (If you’re curious, the original list can be found on the website Virtual Assistant Forums).

    In the case of the mail merge, it’s simply a matter of using the appropriate software to do the mail merge, and then stuffing the letters – there is no proofreading mentioned here because the assumption is that the letter is going to be proofread prior to the stuffing. Of course it is possible that not every virtual assistant will be able to complete this task in an hour, or perhaps have experience with this particular task – but this list serves as a good general overview of the possible tasks a virtual assistant might complete for a client in about an hour.

    Feel free to reply with any other issues you have with the items on this list – and don’t hesitate to provide more accurate timings where you think it’s appropriate.

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Virtual Assistant Information - 10 years ago

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Yes, the blog is compatible with all Apple devices – I just double checked on my iPhone4 and iPad and all is as it should be. Not sure why you couldn’t view the site as intended. Feel free to post back with more information and we’ll see if we can help.

Maria Magarelli - 9 years ago

Hello, I have to say I agree with Tami. There are so very many extenuating circumstances to factor in. Just starting witth #1, OMG! There is no way that could ever be accomplished unless all you were doing is leaving voice mail. If just one of them actually answers the phone your “hour” is over. #10, are you kidding? You are assuming money is no object and all the “first” places you call have exactly what your boss is looking for. If only our job ran like clock-work, if only the attorney or the client left you alone to accomplish what you know needs to be done.

I don’t mean to be rude but each and every “item” on the list could go side-ways and torpedo your day. You are setting unrealistic expectations. As we paralegals, who have worked with attorneys for decades, know, if you give them a time-frame (as you did above) they will hold their paralegals accountable if they don’t meet the standards you set. I think this article is potentially “job threatening” to those who hold a job.

Otherwise this site has wonderful information.


    Virtual Assistant Information - 9 years ago

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks for your input on this. While I can appreciate your perspective, again – the list was created by and contributed to by numerous established virtual assistants. Certainly not every service provider could accomplish each task in an hour, it’s a general list meant to provide an idea to potential clients for what their virtual assistant might be able to do for them in an hour’s time.

    Also, it’s important to note that virtual assistants are self-employed and do not hold a ‘job’, nor do they work in someone else’s office, but their own home office on their own time. In your response you seem to be indicating that the assistant is employed and working in a boss’ office. Two totally different worlds as a VA will accomplish more for his or her client in an hour without the distractions of a busy office or boss nearby.

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Lauren Braasch - 9 years ago

good site!! I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

Eloise D - 8 years ago

This is a fantastic post! I am just getting started but got some great ideas for services from this list. Thank you!


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