Where to Find a Virtual Assistant

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant

Aside from searching Google, sending out a Tweet, or asking colleagues for referrals, there are also many websites you can use to find and hire a virtual assistant. Some are directories where you can browse virtual assistants listed according to the services they provide, their location, or both. Some sites provide an RFP system (Request for Proposal) where you can submit the details of your needs, your budget, and your expectations, specifying whether you’re looking for a virtual assistant to complete a single project, or you need ongoing assistance and receive replies from interested service providers.

We’ve provided a few excellent online resources where you can find and hire a qualified virtual assistant:

1. Virtual Assistantville – has both a directory and an RFP system. Browse the directory by category to view detailed virtual assistant listings including information on services, rates, background, client testimonials, latest blog posts, company videos and more. Use the contact form in each listing to contact your preferred virtual assistant(s) directly. Or, submit a free RFP to receive proposals from prospective, interested virtual assistants.

2. Virtual Assistant Forums– This online community for virtual assistants has both a virtual assistant directory and a free RFP system. Browse the virtual assistant directory listings via specialty and location or submit an RFP with your details to receive responses from interested member VAs.

3. AssistU – AssistU, a virtual assistant training program, provides a customized virtual assistant referral service designed to help busy clients connect with an ideal virtual assistant match.

4. IVAA – The International Virtual Assistants Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the virtual assistance industry and the virtual assistants who populate it. The association also provides an RFP service where clients can enter their request for proposal and receive replies from interested IVAA member virtual assistants.

Whichever method you utilize to find and hire a virtual assistant, keep in mind that you’re not looking for an employee. Asking for things like references or a resume betrays an employer mindset and lessens your chances of receiving replies from the very best virtual assistants (who prefer to work with clients that understand the value of a virtual assistant as a professional service provider.) Instead, ask for writing samples, portfolios, client testimonials, and the like when requesting information from a prospective virtual assistant.

There are many virtual assistant directories, associations, and similar resources where you can find and hire a virtual assistant. We’ll keep this list growing with future posts highlighting even more places you can find and hire a virtual assistant.

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