Why Goldfish Will Make You Question Everything

It’s generally known that most people have an attention span equal to a goldfish. According to Statisticbrain.com it’s even less! So what can you do to immediately engage and entice your targeted audience to register for your webinar?

When starting out writing your description keep the following questions in mind:

1. What problems can be solved for your audience by viewing your webinar?

2. What’s in it for them?

3. Why should your audience invest their precious time viewing and engaging in your webinar?

4. Why would this webinar benefit your audience?

5. What emotions will your target audience be feeling so that they will have no choice but to sign up to your webinar?

6. What value can you offer your audience?

Create a sense of urgency:

1. Give your audience a limited amount of time to sign up.

2. Offer your audience a bonus to sign up.

3. Offer extra bonus for the first 5/10/15 people to sign up.

4. Offer a special bonus to the audience members that have friends sign up.

5. Send out ‘last chance’ emails or posts on social media.

Get their attention with bold, strong headlines:

1. Make it quick and easy to read – bullet points, statements, facts and statistics.

2. Try an introduction video – people are more likely to view a video, in fact the average viewing time of videos is 2.7 minutes! This is much better than a goldfish!

3. Use ‘you’ not ‘I’, – readers should be able to easily recognise the pain points in their own situation.

So, would you rather have a bowl of goldfish or an engaged audience?

About the author: Hi I’m Amber Dixon of VA Champion, a Kiwi with 16+ years of experience. Working in New Zealand often means wearing many ‘hat’s’ and covering a variety of roles. Kiwi’s have a great can-do/give-it-a-go/think-outside-the-box attitude that makes them desirable for many businesses.

I’m a very enthusiastic creative person and passionate about event planning. I can bring all my strengths of organisation, attention to detail, creativity and pizazz together to create the perfect event for you!

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