The Top 5 Reasons To Collaborate With A Business Support Specialist

The Top 5 Reasons To Collaborate With A Business Support SpecialistAlthough there are many reasons to utilize the services of a Business Support Specialist, we have highlighted the top 5 reasons that we believe are the most beneficial. Feel free to post any questions or thoughts. Enjoy.

1. Convenience – Business Support Specialists (or Virtual Assistants as they are commonly referred to), are there when you need them in order to provide you with the administrative support your business requires. The client only utilizes their services when needed, taking the burden of providing set hours off the client. This also means there are no worries about wasted employee office time. You don’t pay for lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, interoffice socialization, etc.

2. No extra cost for equipment – Business Support Specialists take the physical and financial burden of providing office equipment and supplies off the client by utilizing their own business equipment. In addition, this releases the client from having to pay rent for office space as they work off site from their virtual offices.

3. Require little or no training – most Business Support Specialists (or VA’s) are professionally trained and or educated, relieving the client of the obligation of providing training. However, some businesses do require training or a trial period allowing the Business Support Specialist to become accustomed to the way that business conducts itself.

4. Works in tandem with the client to reach their business goals – This allows the client to delegate those time consuming, but necessary, administrative tasks to their Business Support Specialist leaving them the ability to utilize their time to focus on the money making activities they do best.

5. Business Support Specialists typically work on a subcontractor basis – This may be the best feature of all! Because Business Support Specialists usually conduct business in this way, they save their clients endless headaches and significantly decrease their financial burden. They take on the responsibilities of providing their own insurance, benefits, etc. Also, by conducting business in this manner, Business Support Specialists release the client of the burden of taking on such financial burdens as providing benefits, health insurance, vacation time, workman’s compensation, you see where I am going with this. The list of savings a Business Support Specialist will provide goes on and on.

Catie McClure, McClure Virtual Business SolutionsAbout the author: Catie McClure has over 10 years experience in the administrative services industry and is the founder of McClure Virtual Business Solutions – based in Massachusetts. She is the author of 2 blogs: My Virtual Assistant Blogspot which focuses on training and support for new and aspiring VAs as well as the McClure Solutions Blog which is a client-focused blog. You can also find Catie on Facebook.

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