Podcasts as a Marketing Tool

Podcasts as a Marketing ToolMillions of people around the world drive to work every day. What do most of them have in common? They are driving alone and have time to absorb information. The average commute is around 26 mins so it’s a perfect amount of time to listen to a podcast. People can use podcasts while working out at the gym, walking the dog, waiting in the doctor’s waiting room… the list is endless.

So why would a business want to consider Podcasts as a marketing tool?


The costs of setting up your first podcast show are very low. You can start with just a basic headset and a free programme called Audacity that you can use to record your podcast. The sound quality is not perfect, but it is a great starting point until you will want to invest in better gear.


In a world where human attention spans are less than that of a goldfish (read my blog post here), podcasts manage to keep your audience engaged from 20 minutes to a full hour. Whatever the length of your podcast, if your content is engaging, your audience will be there right along with you.


You voice has certain intonations and cue’s that people can subconsciously pick up on. People can hear when you are being genuine and that you have a deep understanding of your subject matter. This helps your audience to Know, Like and Trust you faster that just reading your content. Podcasts can create an intimacy with your audience and they can often feel like they are in the room with you just having a one on one conversation. What better way to build your relationship with them!?

Global connections

People around the world can subscribe to your podcast to learn from you. This can build your brand globally so that when you want to run a workshop or seminar in another part of the world, your audience will already be waiting to sign up!

Easily Digestible

Most episodes are generally no more than an hour-long, so your audience can consume the content whilst doing an activity that doesn’t need their full concentration. They will easily be able to retain the information and make practical use of the content when they have finished their current task.

Demonstrate your expertise

Think of it as a free sample of your expertise to your potential audience. Share your passion on your subject matter by helping your audience to learn and understand how they can use the content in their own lives or businesses.

Action Takers

According to business2community.com 90% of loyal podcast listeners will take some sort of action based on the content found in the podcasts they listen to. With 40% of loyal podcast listeners, this action directly translates to purchases. This is great news if you are looking for sponsorship for your show or are trying to sell your products and services.

How do you see podcasts fitting into your marketing plan?

About the author: Hi I’m Amber Dixon of VA Champion, a Kiwi with 16+ years of experience. Working in New Zealand often means wearing many ‘hat’s’ and covering a variety of roles. Kiwi’s have a great can-do/give-it-a-go/think-outside-the-box attitude that makes them desirable for many businesses.

I’m a very enthusiastic creative person and passionate about event planning. I can bring all my strengths of organisation, attention to detail, creativity and pizazz together to create the perfect event for you!

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