Outsourcing Travel Research To Your Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing Travel Research To Your Virtual AssistantOne of the most useful ways to utilize a Virtual Assistant or “VA” is to have them help you with travel research. All (well at least most) of us like to travel but it takes a ton of time to plan it out. For a business trip that I took recently I somehow turned my brain off and booked my travel myself instead of letting my Virtual Assistant do it.

After hours of time on Expedia and Travelocity, I had everything planned out. After I had everything booked, my wife promptly told me that I would NOT be doing that again and that my VA should be doing it instead!

Right she was.

Now, you’re probably worried about giving out your credit card information to your VA to book your travel plans, and understandably so. Key to any relationship is trust, and, if you’ve found the right VA for you (hopefully by using my template to find the perfect VA) you’ll build up trust to the point of letting him or her book your travel.

Short of that, even simpler travel-related tasks can be accomplished by a Virtual Assistant:

  • Finding the best restaurants in a city you’re visiting–My VA is GREAT at this!
  • Get the top hotel recommendations for a given area
  • Find out if there are discounts or deals on attractions during your visit

Even short of actually booking travel, your VA could certainly see which travel websites have the best deals for your plane/hotel/car rental pieces of your trip.

Have other ways your Virtual Assistant helps you out? Share below in the comments:

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