Build a Global Business With Virtual Assistants

With more and more small businesses for the same market, how can you make sustain growth and profitability?

By taking the next step, going global, which can be done with virtual assistants.

Take for example the international beauty and fashion brand Cherry Blooms. Who would have thought that a company with products sold in over a 1,000 stores worldwide and have been featured in Oscars and Golden Globes swag bags, is all being run in a home office in Brisbane, Australia?

Jellaine Ross, the entrepreneur behind Cherry Blooms, managed to do build a global brand and is expected to make a $3 million turn over by 2014 from the comfort of her own home. And she credits the work of her team of virtual assistants in turning a simple local business in 2008 to worldwide brand.

In a story published on the Sydney Morning Herald, Ross’  shares how she built her brand from the ground up. Her #1 advice for entrepreneurs who want take their businesses globally is to hire a virtual assistant.

“You can’t get rich doing minor tasks, so delegate as much as you can and be precious with your energy. Hiring a virtual assistant can free up time you’re spending on admin, so you can instead focus on growing the business. At Cherry Blooms, we use oDesk or Elance to find and hire virtual assistants. They are usually based overseas and work remotely, and you can find well educated assistants who don’t charge a fortune. We use virtual assistants to upload our Instagram posts because the social media platform doesn’t allow you to preload, so it has to be manually done. We give them the content and they manually post on our behalf.”, Ross says.

Ross also emphasizes the need to properly manage virtual teams and to take advantage of all the tools available to ensure that tasks are done efficiently and on time.

“If your team is scattered all over the world, Basecamp is a great project management app for delegating projects to interns and virtual assistants. You can add a task, have it assigned to someone, and the person receives an email – and deadline, if you wish – and Basecamp will keep track of progress of the tasks.”

In addition to having a competent VA team Ross also credits networking, creative online marketing campaigns, and attending tradeshows as the other components that made Cherry Blooms a global success.

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