3 Marketing Ideas for Virtual Events

3 Marketing Ideas for Virtual EventsThere are several marketing ideas around to promote your virtual event online. Here are a few ways to test, to see how they work for you and your audience. Some are long-term marketing ideas and others can be done just a few weeks or days out from your virtual event.

Newsletters / E-zines

Send out an update to your current email list letting them know about your virtual event. Within that update, offer an exclusive bonus for those that are already signed up to your newsletter. You can do this with a special code or perhaps open up registration before you offer the event out to another audience.

Research other businesses with a similar audience and create a joint venture with them. You can work together by providing content for each other’s newsletters or e-zines and build some trust with their audience. Then provide this new audience with content that is relevant to your virtual event and offer an exclusive bonus to those readers to sign up.

Social Media

There are many ways you can use social media to market or promote your virtual event.

Create and post a short introductory promotional video about your event that you can share across your social media platforms.

Create a post with relevant content that you can boost to your target audience.

Create an event in your social media platforms so you can invite your target audience to attend.

Schedule reminder and promotional posts about your event for those that have signed up. Maybe offer exclusive content that they can share to encourage others to sign up to your event.

Facebook now has a ‘Call to Action’ button that you can utilise to make it easier for people to sign up for your event.

Contact targeted connections in LinkedIn and let them know about your virtual event. Ensure your message focus’ on why the virtual event will benefit them.

Upload your mail list to Facebook to send promotional posts to. Encourage them to share this with others in their network.


Create a blog post or series of posts around the subject of your virtual event. This will attract your target audience so you can eventually promote your event to them. Or you can create your blog posts along side your virtual event as a supplement for those that wish to revisit the content in written form.

Contact other online businesses that have a similar audience and offer to create a few guest blogs for them. This will raise your profile and give you an opportunity to promote your virtual event in the future.

Promote an exclusive competition or content that is only available during the live virtual event in a blog post.

Find other thought leaders in your field and build a relationship with them so that they will be happy to promote your blog and events.

Comment on other blogs in a positive way, while showing your expertise in your field. People who are interested in what you say will check you out further through your blog, website or social media platforms.

What marketing ideas have you used for your virtual events? What worked? What lessons did you learn?

About the author: Hi I’m Amber Dixon of VA Champion, a Kiwi with 16+ years of experience. Working in New Zealand often means wearing many ‘hat’s’ and covering a variety of roles. Kiwi’s have a great can-do/give-it-a-go/think-outside-the-box attitude that makes them desirable for many businesses.

I’m a very enthusiastic creative person and passionate about event planning. I can bring all my strengths of organisation, attention to detail, creativity and pizazz together to create the perfect event for you!

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