When to Choose an Offshore Virtual Assistant Over a Local VA?

When to Choose an Offshore Virtual Assistant Over a Local VA?Via the Metropolitan Organizing Blog, Tess Strand on offshore outsourcing versus working with a ‘local’ virtual assistant:

When should a business owner choose an offshore virtual assistant over a local one?

The truth is that any business owner going offshore for virtual support is doing so because of cost alone.

With that said, if a business owner finds an offshore virtual assistant with an excellent command of the English language who delivers not only tasks as requested but can strategize business growth with them and offer expertise in social media or web design, or real estate – whatever the VA’s specialty is – if you find a VA who can offer all of that, consistently, at ‘offshore’ prices then of course it’s a good business decision.

But any business owner basing this investment in their business on price alone is going to get what they pay for. That applies to VAs in North America or Europe too, by the way. Location isn’t really the issue – it’s work quality. Ultimately, I’d advise a business owner to get the best help they can afford but to first look carefully at what they’re hoping to achieve by working with a virtual assistant and make their decision accordingly. If the goal is to outsource automated tasks with little room for error, that’s very different from outsourcing something like marketing collateral or customer service and communications, for example, where a less than ideal result could at best be an expensive mistake; at worst, disastrous or damaging to the company image

My favorite quote to share with business owners considering investing in a virtual assistant comes from a perhaps unlikely source: an American oil well firefighter named Red Adair who said, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” I think that pretty much sums it up.

Read the entire interview over at Gerlain Thomas’ Metropolitan Organizing Blog.

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