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The term “Virtual Assistant” is becoming more and more known by the day as businesses begin to realize the advantages of outsourcing tasks in a world where broadband Internet allows people to communicate and share files almost instantaneously from great distances. Even though this is the case, many still have no idea what it means, or they may have a preconceived notion of the term that doesn’t really fit with the VA of today. Who is a Virtual Assistant? What is a Virtual Assistant business? Is a VA simply a remote “secretary”, or are there different types of VAs? This infographic was created to give you a quick, visual overview of the answers to all of those questions.

What is a Virtual Assistant INFOGRAPHIC

Working Matter Virtual AssistantAbout the author: Patrick is a creative and technical Virtual Assistant and the owner of Working Matter VA. He has over 17 years experience in Information Technology and Information Management as well as a degree in Studio Art. He has the unique ability to leverage both his technical and analytic side with his creative and artistic side to produce the perfect balance. MS Office, WordPress, graphics, and Social Media are just a few of the things he can assist businesses with. Visit WorkingMatterVA.com to find out more about Patrick and his services.

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