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Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Information

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Information

This site is designed to provide information and resources to business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, and busy executives and individuals who wish to learn more about outsourcing to the virtual assistant industry. Topics include: What is a Virtual Assistant, Benefits of Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, Cost of a Virtual Assistant, How to Hire a Virtual Assistant, How to Outsource to a Professional Virtual Assistant, Virtual Assistant Services, and more.

New posts, news stories, resources and other information will be posted on a regular basis. Your comments and questions are welcome.

Virtual Assistant Information

The Virtual Assistant Information blog provides free information for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, executives and individuals interested in learning more about hiring and working with a virtual assistant. We’re part of Virtual Assistantville, a premium virtual assistant directory where you can find and hire a professional virtual assistant to help support your business.

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Erin Smith - 10 years ago

Many of the companies are hiring virtual assistants who work from home. The reason is that they can be accessed any time and they work for you round the clock. Thanks for the post. Keep blogging.

    Tutomu - 9 years ago

    That’s a good idea to hire virtual atssitanss within your staff population since they are the ones who fully comprehend what your business is all about. However, there are lots of virtual atssitanss you can hire from other countries like Philippines who are fast-learners and with good communication skills to get done what should be done in just few instructions. The best thing about outsourcing virtual atssitanss is that you can considerably save in terms of company expenses.

      Virtual Assistant Information - 9 years ago

      Tutomu, while I can appreciate your sentiment, I can’t help but point out the numerous spelling and grammatical errors in your comment. I’m assuming you are either an offshore VA or a proponent of the offshore VA call-center model. How can you really expect me to hand my business tasks, however small, over to someone who cannot communicate at a professional level in a few short sentences?

Virtual Assistant Information - 10 years ago

Hi Erin, thanks for your comment but we strongly disagree with the concept of virtual assistants that you’re promoting.

Professional virtual assistants work from their own home offices and run their own businesses, with the exception of a very few who’ve found it more productive to work in a rented office space (either shared or private) outside the home. They are not working from a ‘call center’ nor do they work ’round the clock’.

Promoting the idea that virtual assistants are working 24 hours a day does not help clients and potential clients better understand how professional VAs operate.

Having looked at your site it’s pretty clear you’re running a ‘VA factory’ and are likely offshoring client requests (how else could clients get 30 hours a month for $300?) Attempting to associate what you do with what our market does serves to denigrate the professional virtual assistant industry as a whole. This concept of ‘cheaper/faster’ doesn’t serve the clients who are truly looking to partner with a professional, skilled service provider. More often than not cheaper and faster actually costs the client more money when poorly completed work has to be corrected or started again from scratch.

Let’s be clear on this: professional virtual assistants are independent contractors, NOT employees – and they don’t work for $10 an hour, nor do they work ’round the clock’.

Tina Pierce - 9 years ago

Great post! Keep it up!


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