Virtual Assistant Hiring Template

Virtual Assistant Hiring TemplateThis is the exact same template I used to hire my own Virtual Assistant. As you may have heard on my podcast, a lot goes into hiring a VA, and creating this template alone took about 20 hours of my time. I distilled down the most useful tips I could find on hiring VAs and compiled them into this template which is brief but to-the-point.

I’m offering it here to you for FREE if you want! Seriously, this is a “Pay What You Want” download. My mission is to help you increase your efficiency, not to make a killing!

Oh, and one other bonus: In case you didn’t know, on most blogs they limit you to downloading a purchased product to 1 or 2 downloads. Again, you can download the Virtual Assistant Hiring Template 50 times to share with friends, family, dog, cat, whatever!

So, save yourself the trouble of starting your search from scratch and use the template that works!

George Smolinski, M.D.About the author: George Smolinski, M.D. is a physician, father, husband, athlete, and entrepreneur who has worked diligently to achieve what so many search for: true work-life balance. Spurred by major life-changing events, he has revolutionized his life, leveraging the best mental and technological tools available to maximize his personal efficiency. His mission now is to help his fellow physicians and medical providers embrace these same techniques to liberate their own perfect lives. Visit his blog at Four Hour Physician.

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