A Virtual Assistant is More Than a Virtual Secretary

A Virtual Assistant is More than a Virtual Secretary
A Virtual Assistant is More than a Virtual Secretary

Ask any established virtual assistant, or an entrepreneur or business owner who has experience working with a virtual assistant, what a virtual assistant is and does and they’ll likely rattle off a litany of positive attributes, stellar services, and anecdotes of VAs saving the day.

While business administration is the cornerstone of any virtual assistant practice and most VAs will provide the requisite services such as data entry, contacts management, editing, documents management, and more a qualified virtual assistant brings much more to the table than secretarial skills. Rita Cartwright, a virtual assistant since 2002, does a wonderful job explaining the concept of a truly invested virtual assistant in an article called “Your Business Success is our Success”

When you contract with a Virtual Assistant, you get more than just an employee. We have a vested interest in your business success. Since we are entrepreneurs and small business owners, we know what it takes to operate a business, how to market our services, as well as develop our businesses. In addition to completing your tasks, we provide you with information, suggestions, or ideas that perhaps will help you in your business, because we want you to succeed. Your success is our success.

The assistance you receive from us is quite different than the support you would obtain from a secretary or administrative assistant. We have the mindset of a business owner rather than that of an employee. As I mentioned earlier, we will have a vested interest in your business. We understand what you are dealing with, because we are faced with the same concerns and situations. (Read the full article here.)


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