Hiring a Virtual Assistant: It’s OK to Ask for Help

Ask a Virtual Assistant for Help

Ask a Virtual Assistant for Help

The upside to business success is, well – the success itself. Watching the number of satisfied clients or customers increase, noting the profit increase month by month is a wonderful feeling. The downside, however can be the increased demands on your time with the upkeep of the administrative side of your business. You know it’s time to ask for help when you’re literally juggling invoicing, marketing, scheduling, and incoming calls from potential new clients with a fully booked calendar of current clients.

The article, As Your Business Grows, It’s OK to Ask for Help, explains:
As your business grows so does the paperwork, the invoices, the phone calls, the emails and the bills. Until now you’ve probably been handling all of the administrative tasks yourself or shared the responsibilities with a business partner (if you have one). There comes a time, however, when your efforts are best spent focusing more on the bigger picture and less on the day-to-day minutia that so often bog us down.

And that’s just what a virtual assistant will allow you to do: focus on the bigger picture.

Imagine how much more effective you’d be in your own business if you no longer had to spend half of every business day just running your business. What would you do with the two, or even four or more hours a day a virtual assistant could free up for you by tackling the things that get in the way of the big picture?

If you have two hours a day of administrative tasks eating into your billable hours – how much money would you save by paying a qualified virtual assistant to handle those things for you? How much more money would you make by utilizing those ‘extra’ hours for billable client time? Do the math and it’s an easy equation – not only is it OK to ask for help, it’s profitable.

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Cindy Greenway - 9 years ago

Great info!

I’d love for business owners to think about how their VA can help them BOOST business. The basic, daily administrative pieces are ofcourse essential to manage and maintain … however VAs can also offer tremendous value in thinking ahead, helping their clients achieve their goals etc. and as a result, helping the business owner build their business and make more money.

The business boosting tasks are where the business owner starts to feel the value and return on their investment. Plus it’s a great thing to have a sidekick working along side with you who is genuinely interested in the success of your business.

    Virtual Assistant Information - 9 years ago

    Thanks for your comments Cindy! You make a great point, that a virtual assistant is an asset far above and beyond the day-to-day tasks.

    What sorts of tasks would you recommend to virtual assistants looking to make a bigger impact on their clients’ businesses? Of for clients who are looking to delegate the kinds of tasks that will create that ‘boost’?

Hiroko - 8 years ago

As a virtual anstsiast, I always appreciate seeing information on the Internet that encourages people to learn more about and/or use Virtual Assistant services.Thank you for getting the word out.


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