Why You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

There will come a time in your business when you feel plagued with the never ending amount of tasks and projects required to successfully operate your company.  In a state of overwhelm, there is simply too much for one person to achieve while remaining efficient, effective and balanced. You may find that you have numerous responsibilities to complete but not enough hours in the day.

  • You don’t have time to focus on your core genius
  • Low income tasks usurp your valuable time
  • Your work/life balance it out of whack
  • You have a set of tasks you need completed that are outside your skill set or expertise
  • You have missed deadlines or appointments
  • You spend hours updating your social media platforms, taking you away from your high payoff tasks and projects
  • You are having trouble finding time to research, update and syndicate your blog posts
  • You haven’t published a recent e-newsletter
  • There are 5424 emails in your inbox
  • Your You Tube channel is collecting dust
  • You consistently procrastinate on tasks because you simply don’t enjoy doing them
  • You don’t have the time to devote to working ON your business rather than IN it

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.”Anthea Turner

Why Delegate to a Virtual AssistantIf Chris Ducker can outline 101 Tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant, can you just imagine what you are holding on to? For example, he listed categories ranging from email marketing, administrative and blogging, email and schedule management tasks, to content writer, SEO and graphic design.  Under each category there were bulleted lists of tasks/projects to be delegated. It was quite extensive and really makes me think about all of the daily non-income producing items that you don’t delegate.  I understand you may get into the groove and just keep going with a project, but at what cost to the rest of your business?

Ask yourself:

  1. Is delegating a logical next step to help grow my business?
  2. How much time am I spending on tasks that impede my progression and waste my time?
  3. What are my most pressing issues or pain points that command most of my time?
  4. Have I been able to accomplish ALL of my daily To Do list items?
  5. If I delegated tasks, how would I utilize an additional 5-8 hours per week?
  6. How would I feel if I only worked on income generating tasks and released the more administrative projects to a virtual assistant?

The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels. Eli Broad

There is no need to struggle with your business operations and daily tasks when you have the opportunity to outsource. It will save you time and money. With 168 hours in the work week, it is important to choose your activities and projects that make the most sense for yourself and your business. If you find yourself in floury of needless activities that aren’t producing desired outcomes or generating revenue, then it may be time to consider working with a Virtual Assistant to give you back your time and passion to focus on your business. If you are still teetering on the fence a bit, you might enjoy reading: 5 Mental Roadblocks to Partnering with a Virtual Assistant

2014 is here. It’s time to do something different. Make new inroads; greater progress.

The Sales Blog: “Successful people spend their time where they create value. They delegate, eliminate, or defer activities where they cannot create value.”

Outsourcing is a low cost, high payoff tool to assist you with your organizational growth. There are only so many hats we entrepreneurs can wear at one time, before our do it all mentality ends up costing us either lost time, opportunities, accounts, business development or free time. Why aren’t you delegating?

“When I am speaking with new business owners, or ones that can’t seem to find the time to get everything done, the very first piece of advice I offer is to partner with a virtual assistant.” M. Shannon Hernandez

Suzie Kummins-Poirier, Virtual Assistant

About the author: Suzie Kummins-Poirier, a.k.a AceConcierge, is a virtual assistant working with entrepreneurs and business people who care to focus on their core genius by delegating the much-needed but time-consuming everyday tasks of managing business. With 30 years experience within corporate and working remotely with clients, Suzie has built a career supporting hundreds of business professionals in propelling their businesses to increased income and laser-sharp focus. Follow Suzie on Twitter, via her blog and on Facebook.

How Your Virtual Assistant Can Help Maximize Social Media for Your Small Business

Your virtual assistant can help you set your small business apart from the competition by helping you solidify your business and brand. Building a positive image for your company will help you expand your own service market and reach additional potential clients.

You and your virtual assistant can use this infographic, packed full of information, on how to maximize your efforts on the various social media platforms.

How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

In today’s crowded digital world, you need to put yourself out there to be noticed. Creating business pages on social media is a great way to do just that. Here are three ways your virtual assistant can start promoting your business on social media now:

1. Get Online

If you don’t already have a website you’re missing one of the key components for how your target market can find and contact you (no matter what you do). Most skilled virtual assistants have at least some experience building a website – if the VA you’re working with doesn’t know how to work with WordPress, you can submit an RFP for free here to find one who does.

2. Network

Once your virtual assistant has created a page for your business on Facebook and/or Twitter, have your VA start reaching out and networking with other businesses, entrepreneurs, or groups in your industry and in your target market. You’ll find that many people are willing to help and interact with your social media presence if you show an interest in helping and interacting with them as well.

While you can (and should) network in person, don’t forget that social media is a great way to start these conversations online!

3. Build Your Reputation and Credibility

Your virtual assistant can jump start your social media efforts by helping you get content onto your blog – this creates a place where you can showcase your expertise and business acumen. Your VA can then share these posts on social media to start building a reputation for you or your company as a credible source for information, resources, solutions, and answers.

4. Run a Paid Campaign On Social Media

Once your VA has successfully started to grow your social media presence, you might consider running a paid ad campaign on your social media platform of choice. When properly targeted, these campaigns can provide a huge return on your investment. The right VA will have experience and knowledge in this particular area of social media marketing.

The infographic below, with various image specs and posting guidelines for the main social media platforms, can help you and your VA power up your social media efforts!

Social-Media-Image-Sizing-Cheat-Sheet (6)

4 Steps to Finding Your Ideal Virtual Assistant

4 Steps to Finding an Ideal Virtual AssistantIf you’re considering hiring the services of a virtual assistant these tips will help make sure they’re the right person for the job.

I believed for a long time that as a soloist I couldn’t afford a virtual assistant (VA). After all, I am a soloist so I should look after all aspects of my business, shouldn’t I?

However, one of the reasons I became a soloist was to have the type of lifestyle that I wanted with a good work-life balance. Yet I found that I was working long hours and there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Finally I made the decision that I should at least look into the possibility of a VA.

Here are four steps that I found useful in finding my ideal VA.

Step 1.

It’s important to know what you want your VA to do for you. Almost anything you do in your office can be done virtually so you’re only limited by your imagination.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tasks that you could outsource:

Office support

  • Diary management
  • Sending contracts and information packages
  • Routine paperwork and online file organisation
  • Emailing customer invoices
  • Managing your e-newsletter list
  • Data entry
  • Formatting your presentations and documents
  • Identifying and implementing office processes to help save time and money


  • Following up on late payments
  • Keeping your financial records up-to-date so that you’re fully prepared come BAS and tax time
  • Reconciling bank statements


  • Lead generation
  • Social media management
  • Managing your company’s online identity and branding
  • Providing regular reports that detail how your marketing plan is progressing

Website management

  • Helping to choose a web host
  • Ongoing web support and assisting with changes and updates

When you’ve decided upon the specific tasks that your potential VA will do for you, you’re then able to focus on finding the right one for you.

Step 2:

Decide how you want to employ their services.

  • Will you be going through an agency?
  • Will you be hiring them directly?
  • Will you be hiring someone from within Australia or overseas?

Each of these questions help to clarify the options available when employing a VA. Consider though, the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.

Step 3:

Conduct an informal interview with the VA. This can be carried out via the phone, Skype or face-to-face if you’re in the same city.

At this time, find out their areas of expertise. Do these areas complement the vision that you have for your business?


  • The hours available for your work
  • Their rates and how you’ll be invoiced
  • How they will keep you up-to-date with their progress on tasks
  • How often and by what means you’ll be communicating

Step 4:

Clearly communicate your requirements and set up a system that works for both you and your VA. As in any working relationship, communication is the key. As the trust and the relationship develops you may find that more opportunities arise by which you can utilise your VA’s skills.

In my case, I now can’t imagine running my business without my VA. Her skills and expertise have allowed me to develop my business. With that, I’ve been able to pursue new opportunities that may not have previously been possible. Employing the services of a VA has been a good business decision.

Has outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant helped your business? What are your tips for finding the ideal VA?

About the author: Maria Pantalone is the director of Infinite Growth, a Sydney-based company that works with individuals and businesses to improve their communication skills so that they can professionally present their products and services with maximum impact. Her areas of specialty include presentation skills, business writing, customer service and leadership development. For more information about Infinite Growth’s programs visit www.infinitegrowth.com.au.

Working with a Virtual Assistant Q & A

Operating your own business is a dream. You know all of the ins and outs; what is required; the nuances; your target markets; you have it down pat from sunrise to sunset. It is all second nature that you could run it in your sleep if you had to.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with this scenario, ask yourself is it productive? Is it efficient? Are you and your company operating at 100% in order to experience growth?
Working with a Virtual Assistant
I would venture a guess that your responses are probably teetering more toward the “No, not exactly” versus “We are the best and on target to triple our revenues.”

Many of my clients have been in your position, realizing they are not poised for growth and they want to move from entrepreneur to more of a small business status. As I have stated before, being able to effectively delegate represents a readiness and growth mentality. You must relinquish much of the day to day tasks in order to be able to focus on your “real” business goals. “Entrepreneur, Fire Thyself.”

“The whole transition from working in the business to working on the business means letting go of what you’re comfortable doing. You always need to be thinking big and challenging yourself.”
Mary Jo Gorman, member of the 2011 North American class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women.

There are several steps or processes to be able to arrive at this juncture and once you do, it is still a matter of understanding and learning how to work with a virtual assistant, when you have always done everything on your own.

I get that! I really do.

  • It took me a few years before I was ready to delegate
  • I had always done it
  • No one could do anything better or faster
  • Why should I write out all of my policies and procedures when it is quicker if I just manage it on the spot?

I am over that and value the freedom and ease of having a tremendous virtual assistant. I don’t need to do every single task or project. If I was so bogged down in each and every daily business operation and activity, I wouldn’t have the time to build my business, provide personalized service, work ON it rather than IN it and I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to write a blog post. I would be a slave to the clock and the company. That is not the kind of business dream I have.

Clients have asked what should they outsource and what is the best way to work with a virtual assistant.

Outsource anything that

  • Doesn’t directly generate revenue
  • Isn’t your core genius
  • Represents administrative tasks
  • You don’t like to do
  • You don’t want to do
  • Is too tedious
  • Takes up too much time
  • Provides a low payoff

Here is an exercise that may shed some light on your time spent versus invested: for one week track every task and project that you work on.

Note the time spent. What wasn’t completed, what was overlooked, any appointments missed, activities half completed, which ones generated revenue. How many low payoff activities usurped your time?

At the end of the week, review it. What should you move off of your plate?? It should be very clear.

What every day operations are you involved in that also aren’t the best value of your time? Sure, they are necessary, but do YOU need to do them?

Working with a Virtual Assistant (Best idea ever!)

After you have chosen your vested virtual partner be ready to experience outstanding results.

  • Understand your daily processes and business operations
  • Be well aware of your core genius and high payoff activities
  • Clearly outline your goals
  • Know what you want to outsource: for example, content curation, proofing/editing/uploading of blogs, email and calendar management, social media and project management
  • Outsource one offs, projects, administrative tasks and daily business operations
  • Establish your workflow
  • Define specifics, desired outcomes, expectations and deadlines
  • Prepare documents to support the processes you use to complete tasks. You may also discover that your VA has some other efficient tools and ideas as well. Be open for discussions
  • Accountability and communications are a must for success and satisfaction
  • Provide valued, honest feedback
  • Trust the VA you have chosen – avoid the need to micromanage
  • Expect to participate in monthly strategy calls to brainstorm, share ideas and talk about your business
  • If they are to interact with your clients or vendors, create an email address for them at your domain
  • Recognize that you are part of a TEAM, investing in your partnership and business
  • Every month, review what is working and what isn’t. Consider outsourcing additional operations management or projects while you may decide to pull back others
  • Continue to foster and nurture your relationship just like you would with an in-house staff member

These suggested tips may seem a little overwhelming or daunting at first, but once you lay out the foundation or the architecture of your partnership, the coming months and years will prove to be very lucrative for you. It is worth the investment and time to set up your blueprint for success.

About the author: Suzie Kummins-Poirier, a.k.a AceConcierge, is a virtual assistant working with entrepreneurs and Suzie Kummins-Poirier, Virtual Assistantbusiness people who care to focus on their core genius by delegating the much-needed but time-consuming everyday tasks of managing business. With 30 years experience within corporate and working remotely with clients, Suzie has built a career supporting hundreds of business professionals in propelling their businesses to increased income and laser-sharp focus. Follow Suzie on Twitter, via her blog and on Facebook.

Six Reasons Why Tim Ferriss Would Make a GREAT Virtual Assistant

Six Reasons Why Tim Ferriss Would Make a GREAT Virtual AssistantI recently read a humorous but also helpful blog post that was sent to me by one of my friends, Tess Strand and posted here. The post described how Kim Kardashian would be a terrible Virtual Assistant (VA) and gave a litany of reasons. Essentially, the post, written Julia Jasmine Sta Romana, argues that since Kim has certain traits, she’d make a terrible VA. These traits include:

  • She needs the spotlight
  • She overshares information
  • She’s overly dramatic

As such, Kim would make a terrible VA. I’d definitely agree, since any VA should be a hard worker who helps you “behind the scenes”, keeps important information to him or herself, and works well in an open, communicative (and drama free!) relationship.

That post started me thinking, “Well, if Kim would be a terrible VA, who would be a good VA?” That led me to think about what characteristics really define a fantastic VA, which led me to think about my own working relationship with Angeline, my wonderful VA. I let those ideas roll around in my head for a while, and here’s who I came up with for the perfect Virtual Assistant:

Tim Ferriss

I think Tim would be perfect for the job! Granted, he’s a celebrity, but I think he has some defining characteristics and traits that would easily make him the world’s best VA. So, why would I think that Tim would make a great VA? Here’s the reasons:

  • He understands Pareto’s Principle.
    Just like my own personal VA Angeline, Tim understands that you get 80% of the results from 20% of the effort, so focusing your efforts on this key 20% – and offloading that other 80% to a VA – will make you a faster, more productive, and more efficient physician, entrepreneur, business owner, and human being.
  • He understands that we are sometimes paralyzed by fear.
    Example: Some people hate submitting customer complaints, even though they’re well justified. Deep down it probably stems from some deep-set belief of not upsetting authority, but that’s clearly self-limiting belief. How to work around that paralyzing fear? Easy: Have your Virtual Assistant accomplish those unpleasant task for you as a “disinterested third party” of sorts. Problem solved! Tim understands this “paralysis by fear” and would easily take care of those seemingly unpleasant tasks with aplomb.
  • I love Tim’s quote in The Four Hour Workweek, “Many a false step was made by standing still”.

    Tim would make a great VA because he’s always doing something.
    Another awesome quote from that book is “The opposite of happiness is boredom”. He’s certainly not doing busywork, but he’s hard at work on projects that matter. He’s published multiple books, gives TED talks, is interviewed on countless blogs, and runs a business empire. He never stops! A great work ethic is obviously paramount for any VA, and Tim has that ethic in spades.

  • He has perspective.
    Again, a great quote from The Four Hour Workweek, “Being able to quit things that don’t work is integral to being a winner”. Any VA needs to be able to give you honest feedback on your projects. As Angeline has done for me (and Tim would do for me if I hired him!), the provision of feedback so that you know when you’re fighting a losing battle is key so you can focus your efforts on maximizing your opportunities. Tim’s perspective and insight would be invaluable and as a VA, I’d ask him questions daily.
  • Tim knows processes.
    Essentially, if you build a poorly constructed process and then hire a bunch of VAs to execute it, you’re going to have more problems than when you started. Conversely, if you have a well thought out process that you then outsource, you can double, triple or quadruple your production! I’ve done this with my Virtual Assistant Locator Service and with my eBook composition project (that’s a little insider secret—I have a superb process I’ve formulated for eBooks with VAs that I think will change the world!). But back to the VA Locator Service: I worked through hiring numerous VAs, reviewed what worked well and what didn’t, and then created the process to streamline hiring a VA and now I’m offering that service to you as a result. I utilize VAs to make this service run, and I think that since it’s a well-refined process, it will work great!
  • He realizes that time is money.
    If you’re spending your valuable time, worth even up to $150 or $200 per hour doing something that someone else could do for perhaps $5 or $10 per hour, you’re just being foolish. Additionally, he knows that time is our most valuable resource and if he heard what a friend told me last week, “I’m too busy to make myself more efficient”, he’d probably scream! If I hired Tim, he’d have that foundational belief and know that what he was doing for me (offloading tasks) was mutually beneficial and he’d work extremely hard so we’d both reap the benefits!

So, Tim, if you’re reading this (your own Virtual Assistant will probably see this pop up in your Google Alert for your name), let me know if you’re available! You’d rock as a VA!

All joking aside, these characteristics that I wrote about above are key traits for your virtual assistant to possess. At a bare minimum, they must possess that drive and work ethic to continue to plow through projects and they must have that teamwork mentality and open communication for the relationship to work. Building on that, the additional characteristics of providing valuable feedback, etc, are extremely helpful and if you haven’t yet asked your Virtual Assistant about feedback on projects, for instance, do so today. Your VA likely has a wealth of untapped knowledge and expertise, so maximize your relationship with them!

George Smolinski, M.D.About the author: George Smolinski, M.D. is a physician, father, husband, athlete, and entrepreneur who has worked diligently to achieve what so many search for: true work-life balance. Spurred by major life-changing events, he has revolutionized his life, leveraging the best mental and technological tools available to maximize his personal efficiency. His mission now is to help his fellow physicians and medical providers embrace these same techniques to liberate their own perfect lives. Visit his blog at Four Hour Physician.

Four Tips for Hiring a Professional Virtual Assistant

My name is Alissa and I blog over at Rags to Stitches and I also run a blogger media marketing agency called Pollinate Media Group. I often get asked how I’m able to manage both the blog + the business…. to which I answer… with help! The key to running a successful business that can scale and grow truly is hiring help. I know that taking the plunge and hiring help can be a big decision to make so I thought I’d give you a tips I’ve learned a long the way that might help you determine if and how you could use a virtual assistant.

1. Be Aware of your Needs.
Take a look at all the things you need to accomplish each week both for your blog + in your personal life. Once you’ve made that list, figure out what things on that list you truly love to do and then hire help to do the rest. Here are some things that were on my list:

  • Social Media Shout outs?
  • Emailing Sponsors?
  • Filtering through general blog inquiries?
  • Putting together pictures and information for giveaway posts?
  • Emailing giveaway winners?

Four Tips for Hiring a Professional Virtual Assistant Once you determine your needs, then as you’re talking to different people about the possibility of being your assistant, you are able to be upfront with them about what you need and in turn they can come up with a cost (per hour or per month) for their services. If you don’t have a good idea of what you need before hiring someone, you may not hire the perfect person foryou. It’s so important that if you’re going to hire someone to help you with the day to day that your personalities complement one another. After all, they will be representing you and your brand and you’ll be working together closely each day.

“When you hit a point where you can’t find time to create great content, it’s time to hire help!”

2. Let’s Talk Budget.
So now you’ve determined you need help and you know what your needs are, let’s talk about the budget. I know, no one likes to talk about money, but it’s so important to face this issue. Here’s why: you can’t hire an assistant if you don’t make enough money to pay them and still cover all your other daily expenses. However, I will say it takes money to make money, so when you’re working your budget, figure out other places you can cut costs so that you can hire your Virtual Assistant. Hopefully having that person to walk alongside you day to day will help grow your business because your emails won’t be falling through the cracks. Know that you may break even for the first couple months between paying for sponsorships + your Virtual Assistant, but as you have more time to dedicate to content, your blog will grow and in turn you’ll have more sponsors. The end result? More profit. Before you begin the search process:

  • Have a budget in mind
  • If you find someone you want to work with + they have a preset hourly rate, find creative ways for you to achieve your goals and them to meet their hourly rate.
  • Most importantly remember it takes money to make money.

“Your business can’t grow if you’re doing it all, but it can grow with the right person on your team to help”

3. Understand the Value of a Virtual Assistant.
Now you’ve figured out your budget and found the perfect Virtual Assistant, it’s time to utilize your new assistant to help you with that list of tasks each month. As you do this it’s important that you remember you’re Virtual Assistants time is valuable as well, meaning they can’t just drop everything at the drop of a hat to help you with something you decide you need help with. I can say this because I’m totally guilty of doing this. When I hired Skye one of my biggest mistakes was that I didn’t make that list I just mentioned above and then when I decided I wanted to delegate a task I would text her or email her and ask her to do it. Then, when it didn’t get done “quick” enough I would do it myself. Let me tell you it was a disaster! Frustrating for me, frustrating for Skye. First of all, your Virtual Assistant has a life too, outside of working for you. So in order for her to be organized or effective, you need to be organized and effective! Second, don’t expect everything task you delegate to be done immediately. It’s ok if emails are returned in 24 hours. If you’re worried people will be frustrated by a lack of response, create an auto response email so people know you received their email and will be responding in 24-48 hours. Here’s what I recommend to help you get started with your VA:

  • Create an email account for your Virtual Assistant
  • On your sponsor page, communicate that you have an assistant that they can email with additional questions.
  • At the end of the month start looking ahead at the next month and figuring out your blogging calendar
  • Email or share via Google Calendar (or a virtual calendar) a rough outline of what the month looks like (you can always add to it)
  • Have template emails that you create together for welcoming new sponsors, group giveaway posts, individual giveaway posts, etc. These templates can always be personalized, but the general information is there so it’s not left out of important monthly communication with sponsors.
  • Give your VA usernames and passwords to any social media accounts you want them to have access to and set boundaries for what they can and can’t do when using your social media outlets

I’m sure there are plenty more ideas than the ones I’ve listed above for you, but there’s a few to get you started.

4. Finding a Virtual Assistant.

  • Ask friends who have a Virtual Assistant
  • Craigslist
  • Don’t be afraid to interview multiple people – you need to find someone who is the best fit for YOU.
  • Be upfront about your expectations
  • Hire someone who can handle constructive criticism
  • Don’t hire someone you can’t be direct with
  • Try not to hire you friends
  • Don’t be in a hurry! You want to find the right person to work with. I had two Virtual Assistants before I worked with Skye.

My Virtual Assistant, Skye, also has a list of Virtual Assistants that can help you get started in your search process. I know that relinquishing help can be scary, but it opened up so many hours in my day that allowed me stress-free time with my kids + my husband. Time that I had lost before I had a Virtual Assistant and can never get back.

Alissa Circle - Rags to StitchesAbout the author: Alissa Circle is the woman behind her life and style blog Rags to Stitches where she shares her loves, dreams, struggles, and personal triumphs. She and her husband, Kyle, are the dreamers behind Pollinate Media Group. Alissa was recently voted as one of the Top 25 Mompreneurs 2012 by Circle of Moms. She also travels and speaks at conferences around the nation. Connect with Alissa, and Pollinate Media on Twitter and Google+.

What is a Virtual Assistant and How Can a VA Help Your Business?

In the normal office setting, you will find a versatile group of employees who take care of day to day tasks. Entrepreneurs that work online for themselves, do not have this luxury. This makes Virtual Assistants or VA’s a perfect fit for the online business model.

Work duties can be handled by Virtual Assistants via the Internet. They are located all over the world and they often are overseas because of the cost. Choosing a Virtual Assistant means you can have the entire workforce of the world to meet the needs of your business.

What is a Virtual Assistant? video

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

One of the biggest reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant is to eliminate the repetitive tasks that take up your time. A VA can take over items that may be frustrating to you in your business. A Virtual Assistant can also run your business while you are away on a trip. Many are skilled in a variety of niches and can take over tasks that you may be unable to perform.

The Disadvantages of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Along with the positive, there are also some negative aspects of working with a VA. Often times, the daily management and training portion of working with a Virtual Assistant can be a huge task. Keeping in touch with someone located in a different location can also be challenging for you. In addition, you may have to deal with communication barriers if your Virtual Assistant is located in another country. Lastly, sharing your confidential business information requires a level of trust that must be established.

The fact that your VA can take over such a large variety of tasks for you will generally overshadow any potential issues that you may face.

Information Gathering and Internet Research

One task you may consider turning over to your Virtual Assistant is the gathering of info and research duties. You may hire your Virtual Assistant to locate speaking engagements for you, find forums that you can contribute to, or check out bloggers that you may want to put on your blog roll.

Management of your Email Inbox

A VA can step in and take over the duty of handling your email inbox. They can do things like: emptying out your inbox and creating folders for your messages and sending clients general communications and requests for payments. Another handy task would be setting up routine messages ahead of time. Then, all your VA would need to do is cut, paste and send.

Social Media Management

It is becoming very common for many entrepreneurs to have a Virtual Assistant take care of routine social media duties. Many VA’s take care of setting up social media profiles, researching and locating connections for you, and managing daily updates. This way, your business is active on social media but you aren’t spending all day taking care of this task.

SEO Support Needs

Entrepreneurs may find a Virtual Assistant who can take care of SEO duties for their businesses. These VA’s may have a package of SEO tasks they offer. SEO can be very time consuming and a Virtual Assistant can take care of this task quickly and easily.

Finding the Right Help

A Virtual Assistant can be a great asset to your online business. It would be a very good idea to research several different Virtual Assistants ahead of time. Then, if you do end up needing a Virtual Assistant, you will already have an idea of the type of VA you are looking for. Save the information to get in touch with them and be sure to reach out when your business is ready.

Barbara Taylor, Virtual AssistantAbout the author: Barbara Taylor has been working from home since 2007. She provides support options to businesses in several areas including: Social Media Management, WordPress Assistance, Customer Service and Telephone Support, General Administrative Support and more via her website: Admin by the Hour. Removing the burden of routine daily tasks from business owners is one of her favorite past times.