Questions to Ask a Prospective Virtual Assistant #6: Will you be handling my projects or do you contract work out?

Question #6. Will you be handling my projects or do you contract work out?

If you’re contracting with a qualified team of virtual assistants, this question may not be quite as applicable (although you may still wish to inquire if the firm sends work out to other or overseas service providers) but it’s still necessary to consider how important the answer to the question is to you.

Will you, personally, be handling all of my projects or do you contract work out?

Will you, personally, be handling all of my projects or do you contract work out?

If you prefer to work closely with a single service provider with the understanding that he or she is the only person working on your projects and requests, a virtual assistant who does outsource work may not be a good fit for you.

In some cases though, just as a firm or team of virtual assistants can help cover a wider range of services – so too can a professional virtual assistant who has built a network of fellow VAs with various specialties to call on when a request comes in that she would ordinarily not be able to handle. In these situations your virtual assistant would either project manage or oversee the results of a request that needed to be outsourced; ensuring you get the quality product or service you need without having to spend the time or energy tracking down another service provider.

If a VA does outsource, don’t be shy about asking deeper questions regarding who the virtual assistant sources work to. Find out if the virtual assistant sends work overseas or works with non-native English speaking service providers – this can be particularly important when tasks involving writing, editing, proofreading or preparation of written materials come into play.

Many well-established virtual assistants also have equally well-established colleagues within their network on whom they rely for specialty work or other requests they cannot fulfill for their clients. A professional virtual assistant who does outsource work to other professional virtual assistants will have no qualms about sharing this information with you up front.

If a prospective virtual assistant doesn’t outsource, ask him or her how they would handle a request they’re not qualified to complete.

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