Questions to Ask a Prospective Virtual Assistant #4: What is your level of experience?

Questions to Ask a Prospective Virtual Assistant

Questions to Ask a Prospective Virtual Assistant

Continuing our list of Questions to Ask a Prospective Virtual Assistant, this question is designed to help you determine if the virtual assistant in question is experienced with and skilled at the particular tasks you’re currently aware you need help with.

Question #4. What is your level of experience (with X, Y, Z service[s])?

It’s worth noting that we didn’t phrase the question as ‘How long have you been in business?’, and that’s because a virtual assistant who has only been in business a few months may bring decades of applicable experience to the table.

As was mentioned earlier, you and your virtual assistant will almost certainly come to discover new tasks and projects that can be delegated as you work together over time. For now, you’ll need to be sure that the prospective virtual assistant can handle the tasks that are driving you to find and hire a VA in the first place.

Your business and work is likely centered around a specific industry or industries and the tasks you have in mind may relate strongly to that particular field. If that’s the case it will be important to find a virtual assistant who has relative and relevant education, experience or both.

For example, real estate agents commonly work with virtual assistants but necessarily will seek out VAs who have either worked in the real estate industry themselves (as an administrative assistant or even as an agent themselves), or who have completed an industry-relative training course.

Even if your needs are more general administrative support such as word processing, data entry, proofreading, communications management, customer service or research it will be important to have at least some tasks already in mind when you speak with prospective virtual assistants.

This question will naturally lead into further conversation about the virtual assistant’s background, work experience, and current projects – which will ultimately help you learn more about his or her varied skills and service offerings. During your conversation you may together uncover additional tasks that could be delegated. Whatever your particular, immediate needs are, prepare ahead of time by examining and listing them so that you can clearly lay them out when you speaking with a prospective virtual assistant.

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