Work With A Virtual Assistant To Hire Freelancers

Work With A Virtual Assistant To Hire FreelancersWhen running your business, there will be times where you will need to hire someone to do temporary work for a certain project, such as a rebranding, a speaking event, a conference, etc. These people might be graphic designers, copy editors, photographers…but not all businesses can afford to have a graphic designer or copy editor on full time. Maybe the one you use is not available anymore, or everyone you have met is outside your budget. Your next option is to find and hire a freelancer.

With a Virtual Assistant on your team, the process of hiring a freelancer can become close to effortless. If you are at a point in your business that you need to find an extra hand for an upcoming project, here is a great and fast way to work with your VA to hire your next freelancer!

1. Write out a job description.

With any position you are hiring for, you need to make a description, and it needs to be clear and concise. In a quick email or phone call, explain to your VA what you need, what they need to do, your budget (hourly or entire) and how soon you need it done. Have him/her write out a job description for you to approve. Once it has everything you are looking for, have your VA create a profile and post the job for hire on your selected freelancer hiring sites.

2. Handling Submissions.

Because your VA created the profile, they will be able to manage submissions. This also helps any distractions that will come with emails pouring in notifying you of new applicants. Make sure your VA knows to handle these submissions in a professional manner. Delete anyone who didn’t have the courtesy to write a decent cover letter. If the person is greatly out of your budget, you can trash those as well. I myself go through each submission and examples carefully – if I get a sense that their style or portfolio doesn’t match what my client needs, I don’t even bother with sending it to them. The only exception is if I see a really great candidate but their budget is a tad higher, I’ll keep them in the running because my client might have some wiggle room for someone really great.

3. Have your VA create a database.

In either a spreadsheet or word doc (whichever you prefer), ask your VA to send you a database of the qualified applicants. Ask them to include:





Link to Portfolio

Cover letter

When that is completed, the VA can send you this doc and you can quickly peruse through the applicants, therefore making your decision making easier and quicker.

4. Have your VA ask any questions or confirm information.

If you have any questions, don’t waste time contacting the applicant yourself. Have your VA write to them to confirm skills, schedule, fee, etc. They can update the database with your answers.

With this process, you should be able to find a great freelancer for your project. I’ve used this step by step for hiring logo designers, website designers and website developers with my clients. It’s greatly effective and saves my clients the hassle of having to sort through hours of applicants and emails Sending them a clear database of applicants makes the decision quicker, therefore reaching their goal quicker – which is what virtual assistants are all about!

Save some time (and headache!) and get a VA on your team to make your projects happen faster than ever.

About the author:Fiona Zwieb is a virtual assistant specialized in working with musicians, taking their daily struggles and busywork off of their plates so they can focus their energy and time on their music – and in turn, make more money with less stress! Track her tips, stories and life as a musician’s assistant on her blog, and follow her on Twitter @fionazwieb.

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