What is a Virtual Assistant and How Can a VA Help Your Business?

In the normal office setting, you will find a versatile group of employees who take care of day to day tasks. Entrepreneurs that work online for themselves, do not have this luxury. This makes Virtual Assistants or VA’s a perfect fit for the online business model.

Work duties can be handled by Virtual Assistants via the Internet. They are located all over the world and they often are overseas because of the cost. Choosing a Virtual Assistant means you can have the entire workforce of the world to meet the needs of your business.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

One of the biggest reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant is to eliminate the repetitive tasks that take up your time. A VA can take over items that may be frustrating to you in your business. A Virtual Assistant can also run your business while you are away on a trip. Many are skilled in a variety of niches and can take over tasks that you may be unable to perform.

The Disadvantages of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Along with the positive, there are also some negative aspects of working with a VA. Often times, the daily management and training portion of working with a Virtual Assistant can be a huge task. Keeping in touch with someone located in a different location can also be challenging for you. In addition, you may have to deal with communication barriers if your Virtual Assistant is located in another country. Lastly, sharing your confidential business information requires a level of trust that must be established.

The fact that your VA can take over such a large variety of tasks for you will generally overshadow any potential issues that you may face.

Information Gathering and Internet Research

One task you may consider turning over to your Virtual Assistant is the gathering of info and research duties. You may hire your Virtual Assistant to locate speaking engagements for you, find forums that you can contribute to, or check out bloggers that you may want to put on your blog roll.

Management of your Email Inbox

A VA can step in and take over the duty of handling your email inbox. They can do things like: emptying out your inbox and creating folders for your messages and sending clients general communications and requests for payments. Another handy task would be setting up routine messages ahead of time. Then, all your VA would need to do is cut, paste and send.

Social Media Management

It is becoming very common for many entrepreneurs to have a Virtual Assistant take care of routine social media duties. Many VA’s take care of setting up social media profiles, researching and locating connections for you, and managing daily updates. This way, your business is active on social media but you aren’t spending all day taking care of this task.

SEO Support Needs

Entrepreneurs may find a Virtual Assistant who can take care of SEO duties for their businesses. These VA’s may have a package of SEO tasks they offer. SEO can be very time consuming and a Virtual Assistant can take care of this task quickly and easily.

Finding the Right Help

A Virtual Assistant can be a great asset to your online business. It would be a very good idea to research several different Virtual Assistants ahead of time. Then, if you do end up needing a Virtual Assistant, you will already have an idea of the type of VA you are looking for. Save the information to get in touch with them and be sure to reach out when your business is ready.

Barbara Taylor, Virtual AssistantAbout the author: Barbara Taylor has been working from home since 2007. She provides support options to businesses in several areas including: Social Media Management, WordPress Assistance, Customer Service and Telephone Support, General Administrative Support and more via her website: Admin by the Hour. Removing the burden of routine daily tasks from business owners is one of her favorite past times.

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