Virtual Workforce And Virtual Assistants – An Emerging Workforce Trend

virtual workforceIn a press release by Virtual Assistant Talent LLC, John Davern, Jr., MBA talks about how a large number of businesses, from small companies to multinational corporations, are now realizing the benefit online outsourcing in general.

The virtual assistant industry in particular, is seen as an emerging workforce market. The demand for virtual assistants expected to see a rise in demand based on the trends recently released in the Global Online Employment Report by Elance.
“The recent advancements in technology have allowed outsourcing – particularly online outsourcing – to be available to anyone.” John shared, “This has made outsourcing available to, not only big businesses, but to start-ups and small to medium enterprises – the ones that could really benefit from outsourcing.”

Virtual Workforce Management
The unconventional work structure and geographical distance can throw off managers and corporations who are used to a traditional workforce. The challenge for companies is for them to adapt and modify their management practices that would make the most of their virtual workforce, maximizing productivity, creativity and teamwork.

“The common obstacles in workforce management can be narrowed down to these 3 areas: Communication, Connectivity and Collaboration.” John stated, “But these can be easily resolved through the use of the right tools and resources.”
The virtual workforce has become such an important business trend, they were discussed by Davern at the in this year’s Executive Next Practice (ENP) forum , a forum that focuses on upcoming trends in business and leadership for mid level and large mid to large market C-level to functional leaders and trusted advisors. In his talk “Emerging Trends in Virtual Markets and Workforce Management” Davern shared best practices and expected obstacles on how to handle a virtual team.

Davern’s 18 year experience in human resource with companies like GE and The Home Depot and as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virtual Assistant Talent, LLC, gave him a unique perspective of how traditional companies and a virtual workplace and co-exist and collaborate to create the best working teams possible.

The ENP forum features though leaders from 35 global companies including Disney, Taco Bell, Dex, World Vision, B of A, Turkish Airlines, and Experia where they collaborate and discuss the latest “Next Practices” leadership and business strategies.

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