Virtual Assistants | Established Entrepreneur or Offshore Call Center?

Virtual Assistants | Established Entrepreneur or Offshore Call Center?Do you want to dance offshore or dive in with an established professional entrepreneur to help manage your business? Building a company is hard work and takes an extensive amount of time and energy to successfully manage and facilitate growth. There are vast amounts of daily responsibilities that coincide with your SOP, business development, customer service, social media, troubleshooting and all of the other 98 hats we must wear.

Can you really do it all? Commit to every single task, project and activity for you, your company and your clients? Probably not. I know I can’t. Spreading yourself too thin wreaks havoc and diminishes your output, sometimes to the point that things either don’t get completed or they didn’t have 100% of your attention.

It is here you decide you truly need help.

Enter the Virtual Assistant.

Many are familiar with the online directories, freelancing job sites, offshore call centers and of course the established virtual assistants. What do you do?

If you are looking for a vested partner, a real team player who has an honest interest in your business, then choose an entrepreneurial virtual assistant instead of the offshore tasks doers. I would believe your ideal assistant is someone:

  • Who understands what it takes to start and grow a company
  • Who has administrative experience
  • Who has an extensive skill-set both on and offline
  • Who consistently goes above and beyond being a task master
  • Who takes a genuine interest in you and your business
  • Who wants to be a part of your team
  • Who prefers a long term partnership to help build and fortify your company
  • Who drives to learn and educate themselves on related technologies, platforms and current industry news
  • Who can and wants to see you succeed
  • Who can provide you with testimonials and samples of their work
  • Who “gets” your mission, values and ethics
  • Who is available at your convenience, making allowances for work life balance, family and time zone differences
  • Who responds in a timely manner to your emails and other communications
  • Who values and respects your feedback to ensure your 100% satisfaction

The Virtual Assistant Industry | A Network of Professionals will provide you with a list of tips and questions to ask your potential virtual assistant.

When you team up with another like-minded entrepreneur, you are given the opportunity to have a dedicated partner in your success not someone who merely receives a task oriented email to complete. While the call centers and other off-shore operations may seem like a financial win, consider what you are opting out of for a few dollars.

I began my business in 2002, and like the other virtual assistants in my network, we are here for YOU, helping to drive your business to meet your aspirations and dreams of entrepreneurship.

Think about your business goals, direction and management.
What is important to you?
Who will most benefit your team?

About the author: Suzie Kummins-Poirier, a.k.a AceConcierge, is a virtual assistant working with entrepreneurs and Suzie Kummins-Poirier, Virtual Assistantbusiness people who care to focus on their core genius by delegating the much-needed but time-consuming everyday tasks of managing business. With 30 years experience within corporate and working remotely with clients, Suzie has built a career supporting hundreds of business professionals in propelling their businesses to increased income and laser-sharp focus. Follow Suzie on Twitter, via her blog and on Facebook.

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