Virtual Assistant Services A Boon To American Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Virtual AssistantsA live interview with Elsa Olden of Virtual Office Staffing at the American Real Estate Investors radio show discussed how virtual staffing has helped small business all over the country, real estate investors in particular, grow their businesses without the usual risks involved.

Small businesses that don’t grow risk losing their market if they’re unable to keep up with the demands of their growing clientele. Businesses that grow to fast on the other hand, risk bankruptcy if they don’t have enough money or resources to support additional staff.

Olden explains in the American REIA interview how outsourcing staffing needs to virtual assistants can help business avoid these risks as well as providing tips to listeners on how to hire their own virtual assistants. The competitive advantages of getting virtual assistants over in house staffing was enumerated and discussed in detail. Not only is virtual staffing less capital and resource intensive than traditional house staff, business can scale the amount of work they can allocate to their workers depending on their needs and what the businesses can afford.

The interview also covers the potential risks and pitfalls with hiring virtual assistants, especially for business owners who are not used to this non-traditional work arrangement.  In spite of these risks, the benefits of getting virtual assistants greatly outweigh the costs. In fact, is the safest investment investors can make for their business. Josh Caldwell of Caldwell Holdings LLC, a Pittsburgh real estate Investing company, is well aware of this and have utilized virtual assistants regularly for his company. “My home buying business in Pittsburgh would never be able to function at the level we are at without the use of virtual assistants.”, says Caldwell.

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