How To Use A Virtual Assistant To Save Money

Can I really afford a virtual assistant?As all of you know, I’m a huge fan of hiring a virtual assistant, but a legitimate question some of you may be asking is, “Can I really afford a virtual assistant?” I’m going to give you a personal example from my own life about how much a virtual assistant can help save in terms of both money and (more importantly) time. I hope that all of you have had an opportunity to read my Seven Secret Tips for Efficiency and if not, check it out here. Remember the first tip: what’s most important: time, money, or health? I hold that you can always make more money, and you can always improve your health, so that leaves time as your most valuable asset. As a result, if you have listed time as your most important asset, then you need to hire a VA because a VA obviously is going to save you a ton of time by doing the things that you

  • Can’t do
  • Are not going at doing
  • Shouldn’t be doing

But what about the money aspect? Let’s be honest, it does cost money to hire a virtual assistant, but a properly utilized virtual assistant should save you not only time, but money. Here’s a personal example of how my virtual assistant paid for her salary for a few months.

About a year and a half ago my wife and I were set to fly to Mauritius; a tiny island country off the coast of Africa. We had a great vacation planned: we’re going to sit on the beach, enjoy some sun, and have a fantastic time relaxing together. We got to the airport, went to check in and, when we handed our passports to the airline attendant at the check in counter, he looked at us and said “Sorry, you’re not going to Mauritius today”.

As it turns out you need six months left on your passport before it expires in order to be allowed into Mauritius, and my passport had only five months left before it expired. We had no idea that any of this was going to happen to us, and at first we were devastated. Fortunately we are smart, adaptable people, got out our iPhones and booked the last minute trip to Malta instead. But, we’d already paid for plane tickets to Mauritius and paid a deposit on a hotel room. We thought we were going to be out this money, but I’ve figured out let my virtual assistant try her hand at recovering some of the money.

I sent her all the information I had and it only took probably five minutes to send her the emails and the receipts that I had for our trip to Mauritius (I had them all archived in Google Drive so sharing them with my VA was a breeze). She took the ball and ran with it, and two weeks later we received a refund for $400 in our bank account from the airline. Granted, we didn’t get all the travel reimbursed, but four hundred dollars is four hundred dollars! She worked at it for about 4 hours–a huge time savings too! I gave my VA a tip for her hard work and getting us the refund. That’s only one example of the things that she has done for me in this same arena of trying to obtain refunds, sending in customer service complaints, and the like. These things that I just don’t have the time to do and offloading them on my VA just makes a ton of sense. Clearly, a VA can save a ton of time, but they can also save a ton of money if properly utilized.

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George Smolinski, M.D.About the author: George Smolinski, M.D. is a physician, father, husband, athlete, and entrepreneur who has worked diligently to achieve what so many search for: true work-life balance. Spurred by major life-changing events, he has revolutionized his life, leveraging the best mental and technological tools available to maximize his personal efficiency. His mission now is to help his fellow physicians and medical providers embrace these same techniques to liberate their own perfect lives. Visit his blog at Four Hour Physician.

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