Tools for Business Owners Who Work With Virtual Assistants

Tools for Business Owners Who Work With Virtual Assistants

Tools for Business Owners Who Work With Virtual Assistants

Even though your virtual assistant will most likely never set foot in your office or business, there are countless online resources that will make it seem as if your VA is right across the desk from you. You’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed an in-house employee in the first place.

Following is a ‘short list’ of just a few of those useful, online tools for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who work with virtual assistants. Have a resource you think should be included? Please mention it in the comments and be sure to share a link!

EchoSign has revolutionized the way businesses get contracts, proposals, agreements and other important documents signed, sealed and delivered. With five free signatures per month in their free account, you can get started and take advantage of this forward-thinking service right away. Use the document library to store often-used agreements and other documents. It used to take days or even weeks to mail a contract to the client and wait for the signature and return of the document. EchoSign boasts an average time to signature of 42 minutes.

Google Docs
Google Docs allows you to upload and store files in the cloud. You can upload both files and folders, including an array of file types ranging from document types to image types to video formats. You can access your files and folders online from any computer, anywhere in the world by signing into Google Docs. Share files and folders, even photos and videos. Convert files to Google Docs format and collaboratively edit these files online.

Fax zero lets you send up to two free faxes over the internet to any fax machine, anywhere in the United States and Canada. No fax machine or number required for you to send, just an email address. Additional faxes and premium fax sending services are available for a small fee.

HootSuite is an online social media management dashboard that allows you to manage and interact with multiple social media platforms from one central location. Offers both a free (simple) account, and a paid (premium features) account for a small monthly fee. Provides analytics tools, scheduled posting to sites like Twitter and Facebook, and more – plus team access to your account so your virtual assistant can manage and grow your social media presence for you.

Send This File
Send This File is a file sharing service that allows you to quickly and easily send and receive large files (attachments that would otherwise be too big to send via email). The free account allows for files up to 2GB with unlimited transfers per month – perfectly adequate for sending large files to your virtual assistant.

Screenhunter is a free, easy-to-use screen capture program that allows you to take a still snapshot of all or a portion of whatever is on your computer screen including open browser windows/websites, and your own desktop.

LogMeIn is the leading remote access software for small businesses. LogMeIn offers: remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh computers, smartphones and other connected devices. It makes it easy for your virtual assistant to manage your email, organize files, structure your accounting, and more – based on the permissions you set, of course.

We’ll be continuing this series with additional resources, so stay tuned.

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