Tips to Ensure a Good Recording for Your Transcript

To ensure you get the best quality transcript from your recordings, listen up!

1. Test your equipment. Do this before you start. You don’t want to spend an hour or more recording something only to find out your batteries were low or your equipment failed you.

2. Eliminate background noise. It’s distracting to your transcriptionist and can make it difficult for them to make out what you’re saying. No kids, TV, music, dogs barking, etc.

3. Position your microphone correctly. If you are too far away from your microphone, you won’t be heard clearly. If you are too close, it will sound like you’re eating it and your voice will sound muffled. If there is more than one person speaking, it’s best that they each have their own microphone.

4. One at a time, please. Just like Mama told you! If there is more than one person speaking (such as an interview or group forum) don’t speak over one another. Take turns and speak one at a time.

Tips to Ensure a Good Recording for Your Transcript

5. Speak slowly and clearly. Everyone has a tendency to speak faster, but remember it’s not a race. Speaking slowly makes it much easier to make out what you’re saying and there’s less chance of having inaudibles in your transcript. If you have an accent, this is especially important. Don’t take this too far though and speak too slowly. Use common sense.

6. Don’t chew gum, eat or slurp a drink while you’re speaking. It sounds awful on the recording. Seriously. Just don’t. I mean it.

Take the time to plan for and create a good recording and you’ll be rewarded with a quality transcript.

Lorrie Boylen, virtual administrative consultantAbout the author: Lorrie Boylen is an administrative consultant and writer who enjoys working with authors and motivational speakers. She specializes in transcription of digital recordings and transforming your thoughts into passive income opportunities. You can learn more about how Lorrie can assist with your confidential administrative, transcription and freelance writing needs at the company website.

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Francis - 8 years ago

Great advice. You may think that you save time when you eat at the same time that you record your transcript. But your poor transcriptionist will have have a hard time doing his job.

This means that you have to pay more money (since he takes longer) – and still may get poor results. Which will take you time to clean up the mess.

A few minutes invested into a clear recording, and even a few extra bucks invested in a good mic can pay dividends later.


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