Tips for Using a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Calendar

Tips for Using a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your CalendarYour calendar is your best friend when you work a business that requires you to set appointments. Without your calendar you won’t know what you’re supposed to do, when it’s supposed to happen, and where you’re supposed to go. That can be costly if you miss an appointment, so it’s best to prevent that from happening whenever it’s possible.

One of the best ways to handle your calendar when you’re busy is to outsource your calendar management to your Virtual Assistant. She can handle adding the appointments to your calendar and sending you reminders when the events are coming up. If you use a Smartphone and you sync your calendar to your phone, she can send you reminders to make that happen.

The best calendar to use is Google and the reason is that it’s easy to give access to your Virtual Assistant and it’s easy to sync to your Smartphone. There are other calendars out there, but Google seems to be the best and it’s the one I would recommend.

You can give your Virtual Assistant access to your Google account so she can access your calendar, email, and other things that Google hosts or you can share the calendar with her and it’ll appear in her Google calendar list. Either way will work, so it’s best to do the option that makes the most sense to you.

Your Virtual Assistant can add events to your calendar and then set up reminders to go out at certain times so you receive them either by way of email, text message, or pop-up. You can tell her when you want the reminders to go out and by what method you want to receive them. It may not make sense for you to receive a pop-up reminder if you know for a fact you won’t be at the computer when it should go out. It may also not make sense to have a text reminder if you’re going to be at home in front of the computer.

Giving your Virtual Assistant control of your calendar will be more help than you know. She’ll be able to help you get things on your calendar that you may have forgotten to do otherwise and she’ll help you to remember appointments so you can avoid the embarrassment of forgetting one or the loss of money if you forget it.

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