Three Mistakes Clients Make when Delegating to a Virtual Assistant

Mistakes to Avoid when Delegating

Mistakes to Avoid when Delegating

Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere.

– Ronald Reagan

Dr. Jeff Cornwall blogs at The Entrepreneurial Mind today about the art of delegation. In his post, entitled ‘Learning to Let Go‘ he shares the three most common mistakes entrepreneurs can make when delegating to employees. Granted, virtual assistants are not employees, but the rules of engagement are the same when it comes to successful delegation.

In his article, Dr. Cornwall lists the three most common mistakes made in delegation:

– Being hesitant to delegate.

– Rushed delegation.

– Undermining the delegation process.

Dr. Cornwall explains the ways in which these three mistakes can interrupt an otherwise successful flow of business and also provides insight into how to avoid and/or correct the issues caused by ineffective delegation including his own ‘seven-second delay’ to help avoid the fallout from the third mistake, undermining the delegation process.

Cornwall closes his article with this analogy: “Delegation is a lot like raising teenagers. At some point you have to begin to let go so they can learn — and grow up. With your business, if you don’t learn to let go and delegate, it will never successfully “grow up” to the next stage of development.”

For even more information on how to effectively delegate to your own professional virtual assistant, read our previous blog posts on the topic.

Do you have your own tips for how to make letting go and delegating easier for entrepreneurs and business owners who are used to ‘doing it all’? Please share them in the comments!

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