Maximize Your Budget When Working with a Virtual Assistant

Maximizing Your Budget When Working with a Virtual Assistant You finally did it. You have been mulling it over forever and you finally took that leap of faith and got a virtual assistant. You realize the value and potential value of virtual assistants but you just aren’t sure where to begin with one. Well think of it like this, what would you do if you hired an on-site employee? How would you start with them? Chances are you have a task list a mile long. Here’s where you begin:

1. Determine your budget How much time can you afford your virtual assistant for? Keep in mind that a virtual assistant can get a lot more accomplished in an hour’s time than an on-site employee.

2. Make lists Now that you have an idea of how much time you have to work with, make a list of tasks you need completed in order of importance.

3. Collaborate with your virtual assistant. An understanding virtual assistant realizes you aren’t made of money but still need to get things done (which is probably why you hired a virtual assistant in the first place), so the next step is to discuss your main priorities. After you tell your virtual assistant what is most important to you, let them give you an idea of how much time they estimate it will take. Sometimes this can not be done, so you may just need your virtual assistant to check in with you after the completion of each task to see where you are at in your budget.

4. Request a project update (if not already offered). Most virtual assistants will give their clients a status report of some kind when it is convenient for the client, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Read this update! Make notes! Did your virtual assistant complete the task at hand? Is there any room for improvement? Now that you have the final project, do you want to expand on it? If not, and everything is satisfactory go down to the next item of importance on your list and assign your virtual assistant to it.

5. Revisit business goals. Once you get going with your virtual assistant you will get a feel for how best to work together. So as time goes on, keep adding to your list of goals and in no time at all your business will be running smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

6. Tap into the resource! Virtual assistants are business owners too. Ask them their opinion on a topic or idea you are looking for feedback on. Chances are they will have some valuable information for you and if they don’t they most likely know someone who does. As virtual assistants, they work with a lot of other business owners in various industries giving them a wealth of information through their connections at their finger tips. Tap into this resource!

The ability to delegate tasks and collaborate with a professional virtual assistant will allow you to do what you do best and be the best at it. Don’t get burned out doing something you love to do because the administrative aspect is wearing you down. virtual assistants are there to help when you need it.

Catie McClure, McClure Virtual Business SolutionsAbout the author: Catie McClure has over 10 years experience in the administrative services industry and is the founder of McClure Virtual Business Solutions – based in Massachusetts. She is the author of 2 blogs: My Virtual Assistant Blogspot which focuses on training and support for new and aspiring VAs as well as the McClure Solutions Blog which is a client-focused blog. You can also find Catie on Facebook.

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