Tips for Using a Virtual Assistant to Handle Invoicing and Bill Paying

Tips for Using a Virtual Assistant to Handle Invoicing and Bill PayingWhile invoicing and paying bills is one of the most important parts of your business, it’s never the easiest one to handle. It doesn’t matter if you know what you’re doing or not; it’s a very time consuming task and it’s one that can take a lot of time to complete which takes away from the time you need to grow your business and make money.

Your business won’t be able to continue to run and grow if you don’t take the time to invoice your customers and pay your bills. The downside to this is that the time it takes to get it done is time away from the tasks that actually make you money, so one of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to hire a Virtual Assistant to handle it for you.

There are a couple of ways to make this work. One way is to use a spreadsheet that you share on Google Docs. This way you can both make changes and you know you’ll always have the most up to date copy. If this is the method you plan to use, you’ll need to give your Virtual Assistant access to your Paypal account so she can invoice your customers and if you use that method to pay your bills, she’ll be able to handle that as well.

Another method is to use an invoicing program and let your customers pay that way. You won’t have direct links to Paypal if you use this method, but you can include the email that’s used in Paypal. This method also works well if your customers pay by cash or check. Another reason you may need to use this method is if your customers require a receipt other than what you can give if you strictly use Paypal.

One last method to consider is a program. You’ll need to find one that is accessed through the internet if you both plan to have access to it. An example of this would be Freshbooks. You have a username and password for this so you both have the ability to login. If you don’t plan to use one online, you won’t have access if you choose to use a program like QuickBooks.

No matter how you plan to handle this, when you use a Virtual Assistant to help you invoice your customers and pay your bills, you’ll find it’ll be a time saver. You’ll find you’ll receive your money more quickly and you’ll be able to avoid late fees when you have your Virtual Assistant handle paying your bills for you.

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