How to Synchronize Your Business Life with Evernote

How to Synchronize Your Business Life with EvernoteWhen things start to get a little complicated in your business, synchronization can be a problem. Even if you are essentially a one-man band as a small-business owner, you still outsource a lot of the nitty-gritty work and administrative challenges to your virtual assistant team. Every small-business owner should realize this by now, as a lack of time management and productivity can be the death of your entrepreneurial aspirations. Yet even though you may have learned how crucial outsourcing may be, there is still a tendency for some entrepreneurs to micromanage. Inadvertently or otherwise, he or she may keep things close to the chest and not communicate.

While our memories are marvelous, they’re definitely not infallible. If you’ve got a lot of different contracts going on at one time then it may very often be the case that you hang up the phone with one client only to take a call immediately from another (this is especially challenging when you’re working on the road a lot). There may be a lot of details to consider and things to remember, together with a number of elements to communicate with the virtual assistant team and other interested parties. Nothing should be left to chance here and notes should be taken immediately.

If you are driving down the road you may be tempted to wait until you get to your destination. It’s far better to open up Evernote on your phone and add a voice message detailing the conversation that just took place. With the latest technology offered by our smart phones, all of this can be done without taking our eyes off the road.

But this is not just a glorified text file or audio recorder as just a few seconds after you create the note it can be synced with the server and viewable on all your other devices as well. As soon as you get back to the office all of this important information will be ready and waiting for you and may also be communicated to other members of the project team, potentially saving additional time.

Any new software has a learning curve, but with Evernote you simply need to get used to the concept of tagging. This makes the search facility infinitely more productive. You can tag specific ideas and entries by keyword and this will help to categorize and sort everything away nicely for quick retrieval when you need to access the information.

Synchronization between various devices is a critical aspect of doing business today. Most of us now use a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop device – and each one of these devices can be configured to automatically update whenever an entry is made to any one of them.

Yet there are so many other useful features available with Evernote. Imagine that you have all your bookkeeping and accounting work taken care of by your virtual assistant: the next time you stop at the gas station, just take a photograph of the receipt with your smart phone app and it’s immediately on file. The details of the receipt can be e-mailed to your virtual assistant to record and file, so you don’t need to think about it anymore. This is far better than keeping a shoebox full of receipts under your desk!

Learn more about Evernote and give it a try, here.

April Sullivan, Professional Virtual AssistantAbout the author: For the past 7 years, April Sullivan has worked along side many Realtors, Business Coaches, and Entrepreneurs, helping them build the businesses of their dreams. By developing systems, strategies, and new solutions, she has been a partner in their success. April is the founder of Virtual Assistant Chick, EntreLeverage, co-founder of the REVA Academy, and is also a new VA mentor. She lives with her husband and 4 children in sunny California.

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