How to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant Part 3: Determining Which Tasks to Delegate

Determining Which Tasks to Delegate

Determining Which Tasks to Delegate

We’ve already stated that delegating is the art of working smarter, not harder – but in order for that to prove true, delegation must be more than assigning random tasks or dumping lingering to-do’s on a virtual assistant.

Before you can begin delegating aspects of your business administration you must determine which tasks you’ll pass on to your virtual assistant to complete. When you’re first beginning to work with a VA, you should plan to start small.

1. Plan to delegate tasks that will free up measurable time in your daily or weekly schedule. Routine tasks are ideal for this such as recording and managing new client data, recording and maintaining sales records, or researching and preparing content for the company news or sales letter.

2. Plan to delegate tasks that are not immediately time sensitive. By all means, delegate tasks with deadlines, but when you’re first practicing the art of effective delegation spare yourself the worry of an immediately crucial timeline.

3. Plan to delegate tasks that don’t require you to provide access to company information, files, or processes you are not yet comfortable sharing. The whole purpose of delegating is to alleviate stress in your life, not add to it. Allow yourself a reasonable amount of time to get accustomed to and comfortable with delegating to your virtual assistant. This will allow you to practice the art of delegating without putting a lot at stake. Assume that as time goes on and you and your virtual assistant come to know and understand each other and as a result you’ll more easily think of tasks to delegate as well as more readily pass them off.

Of course, once the working relationship has matured and trust has developed, you’ll more readily delegate more important, crucial and time sensitive tasks to your virtual assistant. Also, at that point, invite suggestions from your virtual assistant on what he or she sees as tasks that could be delegated to them. Your virtual assistant will have a unique perspective of your business and how it functions on a day-to-day basis and will undoubtedly be able to suggest numerous tasks that could be successfully delegated.

Refer to our list of Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Accomplish in One Hour for further ideas. No one knows your business routine better than you, so take the time to brainstorm which tasks, once delegated, will best serve your own goals and needs.

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