Hiring a Virtual Assistant? How To Make It Work

As more and more business hire virtual assistants to grow, questions are being raised on how arrangements with virtual assistants work.

Unlike a traditional office setting, most virtual assistants, work remotely. It requires a lot of trust from business owners and entrepreneurs on the initiative, expertise, and discipline of the virtual assistants that they hire.

Business News Daily, conducted several interviews with virtual assistant service providers and entrepreneurs that hire virtual assistants for tips that business owners can use in building working relationships with virtual assistants.

Below are just some of the tips they shared:

Diana Ennen, founder of Virtual World Publishing.

“You want a VA who you get along with and feel comfortable trusting with your business information. It’s OK to get testimonials and check references.”

Jennette Pokorny, chief operating officer of human resources service provider EverNext HR.

“You want to make sure that the VA understands your business and the way you work. Having to train a VA in your business should not be your focus. Interview the VA or company you are hiring as you would an in-house employee. Ask yourself: ‘Do they fit my needs? Do they understand my industry? Do they have the experience in the areas I will use them in?'”

Lis Dingjan, founder of branding and Web development firm The Identity.

“Paying hourly is usually a downfall for everyone. It doesn’t encourage your VA to work efficiently, since some tasks only take a few minutes, and will create a frustrating work relationship. Package things up and [set a price] for batch tasks if possible… The more skilled VAs can be more expensive, but they are worth it. Know what you can afford, and look for an assistant who meets your needs.”

Jackie Gernaey, CEO of the New York chapter of business coaching service provider The Alternative Board.

“Remember that VAs are not your employees. They may have competing schedules with other clients.”

Business coach Yoon Cannon

“Your own delegation and communication skills play an important role in creating a successful outcome with your VAs. Take the few extra minutes to be super clear and specific in all your communications.”

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