Easy Steps For Handing Work Over to a Virtual Assistant

Easy Steps For Handing Work Over to a Virtual AssistantThere are some simple steps that you can take to enable you to use a virtual assistant.

Email Management:

This is probably the most consuming part of your day, right? Just think how much time you could save not having to be stuck behind your computer following up on emails and checking your daily subscription mails etc that come through.

If you use your emails through Google then this is simply the easiest way for your VA to be able to access them. There are of course other systems in place for you to use and if you set up individual email accounts for different aspects of your business then this will make sorting and distribution a lot quicker.

Make sure you have FAQ’s and instruction in place so that your VA can respond to any (or most) emails themselves without having to ask you about every mail that comes through. These should be stored in a central location (Google Docs is a great resource) so that both parties can access them whenever needed and they most certainly should be kept up to date as times change and processes change.

For example: Email FAQ’s – how to respond to: Enquiries / subscriptions / specific informaiton relating to your business. If these simple procedures are in place then your VA has readily instructions to hand whenever they check your emails.

Website management:

Does your content change regularly? Are there dates or monthly events that need updating? Do you update your blog regularly?

These are all tasks that your virtual assistant could do for you.

Give them their own access to your website, if you like you could limit their access to start with just to make sure they know what they’re doing! And then as time goes on you can give them full access, able to change and amend anything on there – with your say-so.

Blog Management:

Simply type up your blog on an email, send it over to your VA and let them put it onto the website and customise it to make it look ‘pretty’. Specify anything specific you’d like to go with it, i.e. a photo or video and let them do the work!

Managing Socia Media:

Social Media has become a very big thing of late. It is probably the mostly used form of advertising out there and also your way of connecting with like minded others and new clients.

Simple guidlines of how you’d like responses to be made, i.e. Reply to all new Twitter followers with ‘Thank you for following, I look forward to connecting with you’, type of thing is a start to handing over your daily follow ups. You can still keep an eye on what comes in and out and send replies yourself but the simple ones that come through can be passed over.

The same can be done with your Facebook pages and Linked In accounts, once you’ve allowed your VA to share your passwords.

These are just 3 simple tasks a Virtual Assistant could help you with but there are so many more daily and project work that they could do for you which would release you to move on with your business plans and create more opportuities for your business.

Karen Petrauskas, Virtual AssistantAbout the author: Karen J. Petrauskas is a professional virtual assistant and web services specialist with over 15 years experience. KJP Creative helps small businesses & individuals achieve their goals and ambitions by providing an extra pair of helping hands in their business. Services include: administration, website design & maintenance and social media management. For help at the click of a button visit the company website.

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Francis - 9 years ago

Excellent advice. You can outsource your website or blog building even more if you just send your virtual assistant a voice mail. He can then transcribe it, format it and put it into the content management system.

I am doing very well personally with this technique. If there still is a typo, I can point it out to my VA after the site has gone live, or correct it myself.

In my estimation, this saves me at least 80% of my time when content building, especially if my VA is researching, optimizing and placing the pictures within the post himself.

    Virtual Assistant Information - 8 years ago

    Hi Francis, this is an interesting way of utilizing your virtual assistant’s services… So your VA transcribes your blog posts or other website content from voice mails and formats and publishes it to the site for you? Smart idea!

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