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Content is Priceless - Hire a Virtual Assistant to HelpBusiness content is crucial when you run an online business. It’s the only way to communicate with your market. If you’re sharing the same topics every week or month, your market is going to get bored and move on to someone else. That is not a good thing so it’s important to have different topics to work with each week.

One of the most important tools you can use in your business is a newsletter or ezine. If you continually add the same content over and over, you’ll begin to see unsubscribe lists that are a mile long. You don’t want that so it’s important to have different content each time you send it out. One way to make this happen is to have your Virtual Assistant research relevant topics. Any topic that is related to what you offer is good content. As long as you know what you’re talking about when you write your newsletter or ezine, you’ll be able to use the topics she finds.

Article marketing is another valuable tool you should use to grow your business. The content you submit to article directories should always be related to your business. It’s never a good idea to write on a topic that doesn’t match what you offer. An example of this would be if your business has to do with coaching direct sales reps. You wouldn’t want to write an article on how to give your pet a bath. They don’t have to do with each other so it’s not a good idea to write that pet article.

If you’re running short on topics to cover in your articles, your Virtual Assistant can help. She can research topics based on your market and your business and then create a spreadsheet for you to use. When you get down to the last five or six topics, have her do the research again. Things change from month to month and year to year so she may be able to come up with brand new topics for you to cover.

One last area you need to think about is your blog. Your blog is a great tool for you to use with your business. It gives you the ability to market your business to your readers without placing ads on websites and social networking platforms. When you write posts that cover the same topics over and over, your readers are going to get board and they won’t want to visit your blog to see what you have to say.

Your Virtual Assistant can help you in this area of your business as well. While most of time your newsletter or ezine, article marketing, and blog posts are going to cover the same topics, your blog is going to be a little different.

Your VA can create a spreadsheet and help you keep track of posts so you don’t cover things too close together. First, she can create a list of all your products or services. Then she can create a calendar for you based on these items and when you should write about them in your blog. It’s also a good idea to intermingle those types of posts with ones that are not about your business, but rather something your market needs or wants.

Content is valuable in your business. If your market doesn’t like what they see they’re not going to come back. This is why it’s important to prevent duplication whenever possible. It’s ok to use the same topics, but you want them to be several months or even a year in between. This is why it works perfectly to have your Virtual Assistant help you with research and keeping track of your topics. You’ll have more success when you use this solution.

SophieZo Virtually There For YouAbout the author: Sophie Zollmann of SophieZo Virtually There For You is a virtual assistant committed to working with online entrepreneurs to increase productivity and income. She provides assistance with blog, email, social media, and schedule management; WordPress website design and maintenance; 1ShoppingCart set up and maintenance; internet marketing; Real Estate support, proofreading and much more. Find out more at

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