A Virtual Assistant is an Investment in Your Business

A Virtual Assistant is an Investment

A Virtual Assistant is an Investment

It’s true in many different ways that working with a virtual assistant will prove to be a worthwhile investment in your business. The cost of a professional virtual assistant’s services will ultimately be recouped via saved time as you delegate more and more tasks to your virtual assistant and decreased levels of stress as your virtual assistant is able to handle tasks that would otherwise bog down your own daily productivity.

It’s not enough to simply hire a virtual assistant – as with any business decision you make, it’s important to follow up and follow through – you have to treat the working relationship itself as an investment, at least initially, as you and your virtual assistant get to know each other and more importantly, as your virtual assistant gets to know your business. Here are just a few tips to help you make the most of working with your virtual assistant:

1. Help your virtual assistant do what they do best by providing clear expectations and goals from the start as well as for new directions or projects going forward. A virtual assistant may have great business acumen and insight but can’t read your mind. The more your virtual assistant understands about you and your business, the more he or she can make a positive impact.

2. A virtual assistant can only make a difference in your business growth if they’re allowed to do so. If you have a hard time delegating, or letting go of control in certain areas of your business, get clear with yourself about how you see a virtual assistant fitting into your business.

3. Understand that a virtual assistant is not an employee but a professional, self-employed service provider, and treat them as such. Your virtual assistant comes into the relationship with the utmost respect for you and your business, they deserve the same in return.

4. Be reasonable. A virtual assistant works from home, but they’re still running a business and you are likely one of a group of clients the VA works with. Unreasonable requests for immediate or weekend assistance will quickly burn out a client’s relationship with a virtual assistant. Take the time to understand your virtual assistant’s business policies – it’ll help everything run more smoothly.

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