7 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help you get Started with E-Newsletters

7 Ways a Virtual Assistant can help you get Started with E-NewslettersAfter my last few posts singing the virtues of sending e-newsletters, you’ll now be ready to send your first e-newsletter…


After a number of conversations over the last few weeks in response to my e-newsletter posts, which have been received extremely favourably, the number one reason why freelancers and small business owners are not sending them is:

They have no time to send e-newsletters

You’ve told me you’re so busy working with clients and even though you know you should be marketing your business and you know that e-newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with clients and prospects. Somehow, you can’t find the time to set up an account, learn the techy side, write some enticing copy, design the newsletter including adding images and links and make sure it looks perfect; not to mention sending it out and tracking the results – Whew!

That’s a lot of work and that’s where a virtual assistant comes in; a VA can help you every step of the way, as your friendly go-to e-newsletter helpt.

Here’s how your virtual assistant can help with your e-newsletters:

A virtual assistant can open an account with your chosen platform for you

Whether that be, MailChimp or Aweber, or some other platform, your virtual assistant can open an account and complete the initial set up requirements; link your social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook and your RSS feed if you have one; upload your logo and other images you’ll wish to use on a regular basis.

A virtual assistant can create (and manage) your mailing list

Your virtual assistant can design an opt-in form for your WordPress website to invite subscribers to sign up. A VA can also take details from your business cards, your client database and anywhere else you’ve asked subscribers to opt-in and enter them into the system.

A virtual assistant can design your email newsletter

A virtual assistant can design the layout of your email newsletter, format, proof read and edit your text, source images, add calls to action and links as appropriate, including to your social media profiles.

A virtual assistant may also research topics and/or write your email newsletter content for you.

A virtual assistant can test your email newsletter is a must, so it all looks tickety boo!

A virtual assistant can send your e-newsletter

After checking your newsletter looks just as it should and all the links work, it’s time for your virtual assistant to schedule the best time to send it and ensure it goes to the correct segment(s) of your list, if required.

A virtual assistant can promote your e-newsletter on social media

You may wish to push the newsletter out to your social media networks, particularly if you’ve not specifically written a blog post to accompany it.

Your virtual assistant can schedule a series of Tweets for you to be sent out at optimum times, push to your Facebook page and LinkedIn, depending on the content.

A virtual assistant can respond to any queries or replies to your e-newsletter

The reply email address can be set up so all replies go directly to your virtual assistant. He or she can then reply on your behalf answering any queries from clients, customers or prospects in a timely manner, or forward to you or another member of your team, as appropriate.

A virtual assistant can track your results

Both MailChimp and Aweber have powerful tracking functions. A virtual assistant can monitor the results and send you an overview or download a full report and send to you.

Please share in the comments below, what aspect of your business consumes most of your time and what you’d rather be doing instead.

Anne Headen owner of Acusmart PA is a Virtual Assistant based in the UKAbout the author: Anne Headen owner of Acusmart PA is a Virtual Assistant based in the UK. Anne works in close partnership with her clients, helping them to grow and develop their business. Along with admin and business support, she provides event organisation, WordPress website design and maintenance, email marketing and social media management.
Follow her on Twitter @AcusmartPA.

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