5 Ways Business Owners Can Outsource Their Day

5 Ways Business Owners Can Outsource Their DayMany business owners are aware of the concept of outsourcing. However, some might think that it is only applicable for tasks such as article writing or website development. Yet other entrepreneurs may feel that they simply must keep on top of a lot of their routine, everyday work themselves; fearing losing control of their hard-earned business. It can be difficult to let go, but in a professional virtual assistant is experienced and able to help with so many different elements of an entrepreneur’s daily schedule.

Calendar Management:
If you feel that you are running around from pillar to post, always seem to be late for appointments, and can never fit in time for meetings with important prospects, then you should outsource your calendar management to a virtual assistant. When you’re busy doing other important things, meetings can be scheduled and you can be given plenty of advance notice so that you are in the right place at the right time without feeling flustered or unprepared. A virtual assistant can even prep your meeting notes and any necessary handouts or similar for your clients and customers.

Trip Planning:
Have you noticed how long it takes to plan a trip these days? Those airline travel consolidation sites may offer you many different choices but you’ve still got to sort out your hotel, car, and manage to do so within your budget. Before you know it you’ve spent hours trying to arrange just one trip. Outsource this task to a virtual assistant for stress-free travel planning. Once you have given your virtual assistant the appropriate parameters for your trip he or she will do the rest with maximum efficiency.

Client Support:
As your business grows, you will find that there will be an increasing number of client issues to deal with. Yes, you are used to being the sole point of contact with your clients, but a professional virtual assistant can handle issues that don’t involve negotiations. This are of business is something that you simply must prioritize, as poor support in this area will quickly gain you a bad reputation, to say nothing of lost or angry clients. The right virtual assistant will ensure that everything is handled carefully, professionally and promptly, with your input only required in predetermined circumstances.

E-Mail Management:
Time management and efficiency experts tell us that one of the worst ways that we can waste our time is to constantly drop everything else to deal with e-mails as and when they arrive. Among the numerous e-mails any business owner receives are numerous potential time wasters that can veer you off course. By putting a virtual assistant at the gateway of your email communications, you know that you will only be prompted to deal with emergency situations and all other e-mail can be handled politely and professionally by the VA in the background.

General Tasks:
As there are only so many hours in the day, most small business owners will invariably find that there will be many calls for their time that may not necessarily be related to business at all. For example, running errands, gift shopping, social event organization, and other things of that nature. All of this can be handled by your virtual assistant.

Treat your virtual assistant as an investment in your business, and most importantly, as an extension of yourself. There’s no need to feel as if you are giving up control when you outsource your business’ general administrative tasks to allow you to focus on more productive tasks.

April Sullivan, Professional Virtual AssistantAbout the author: For the past 7 years, April Sullivan has worked along side many Realtors, Business Coaches, and Entrepreneurs, helping them build the businesses of their dreams. By developing systems, strategies, and new solutions, she has been a partner in their success. April is the founder of Virtual Assistant Chick, EntreLeverage, co-founder of the REVA Academy, and is also a new VA mentor. She lives with her husband and 4 children in sunny California.

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Francis - 8 years ago

Another way that can be tremendously helpful: speeding up email writing.

As you commute, simply record audio recordings for your emails on your phone while you browse your full inbox on your laptop. You can easily do this on a train or on a plane. Then, send your VA all your recordings, ideally via a shared dropbox folder.

If your personal assistant has access to your email, he can do the writing and sending of the emails for you. Can potentially save hours of time.


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