5 Things You Can Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant Immediately

5 Things You Can Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant Immediately

5 Things You Can Outsource to Your Virtual Assistant Immediately

It can be overwhelming being the boss, secretary, web marketer, and customer service rep. Honestly, there is not enough time in a day to complete the work of four, effectively. Yet as an entrepreneur, we are determined to achieve the impossible- all to save a buck. This can cost you the business you’re trying so desperately to hold onto.

I know it’s hard to relinquish control to someone you hardly know. Besides the obvious question of “where do I start”, you wonder about the person’s integrity. When you weigh the good with what could possibly go wrong, you’ll discover that the majority of your concerns can be managed.

Instead of thinking you have to hand it all over, start with just a few small tasks. Here is a list of five tasks commonly assigned:

• Proofreading |Editing: There is nothing viral that doesn’t get proofed first. From office contracts to web copy, grammar etiquette is critical.

• Data Entry |Web Research: Are you yearning to build your mailing list? Give your assistant the task of searching sites for contact information.

• Ghostwriting Articles: Are you lost for words lately? Do you need some fresh material on your website blog? A savvy Virtual Assistant can create articles tailored to your industry or re-spin your original content while still keeping your voice. All of this giving you new material to share.

• Updating Social Media: Staying up to date on all of your social media sites on a daily basis can be near impossible. Instead, ask a VA to micromanage the task.

• Updating WordPress: From the cPanel of your WordPress site, a VA can manage everything from adding articles, removing and approving comments to adding new pages and content.

Think about it! If adding a Virtual Assistant to your team can give back two hours a day, wouldn’t it be worth it? That is a total of ten hours a week you can now utilize to improve customer relations, fine-tune new strategies, meet with new clients, or even just relax.

About the author: Diane Hess, Sr. Executive Officer at Hess Business Professionals, believes that every online entrepreneur’s business needs a qualified team at his or her fingertips to leverage their business. Hess Business Professionals provide clients with workflow solutions to maintain integrity and streamline how business is done today.

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